Universal Flow

Yutang Lin

All are constantly changing and interacting in universal flow;
Conceptual delineation and definition are bound to mismatch.
Confined by conformity to stereotype thinking is living death;
To attain enlightenment first break grasping to fixed concepts.

Seal of universal flow


The fundamental principle of Buddhist teachings is that all are without self. In other words, all things are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, in the flow of all things the interactions are constantly moving on and there is no way to set any definite boundary of any kind to any part. Any conceptual stipulation and delineation is an artificial and partial grasping that could not match the reality of a universal flow of all. If one could not realize the limitation and infidelity to truth of concepts, and settled down with familiar views, then one would be self-confined in a net of prejudices, and live a life of ever-stiffening ways. Such living is like dead already.

The ultimate goal of Buddhist practices is the attainment of perfect enlightenment. Unfortunately, practitioners are often influenced by habitual tendencies so that their practices and activities remain stagnant within the shadow of dualistic and antagonistic concepts. If the basic view of a practitioner does not include a thorough and clear understanding of the illusive nature of fixed concepts and views, then it would not be possible for the practitioner to break through the illusive net of views and concepts. The state of no-thoughts could not be realized or sustained by novices. Therefore, this article is written in the hope that through the propagation of an understanding of the universal flow people could be helped to walk out from fixed concepts and prejudices that they are used to living with.]

Written in Chinese and translated on August 17, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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