Connection with Things

Yutang Lin

For beings as well as things,
Gathering and dispersing are equally unpredictable.
Understanding causal laws,
Simply accept and accommodate changes in scenes.
While things are still useful,
Employ them wisely to convey empathetic feelings.
Once they are beyond reach,
Why should we be bothered by unavoidable losses?


Uncertainty in gathering and dispersing is not limited to sentient beings. Among sentient beings and things there are also causal connections. Once this is understood thoroughly, one no longer hovers expectations or demands. What is said as owning, means only temporary possibility to use. It might be lost in a blink, leaving only inconsequential memory and regrets behind. Appreciate one's current connection with things, and employ them wisely to convey compassion and sympathy. Ultimately there is no ownership of things; mind should be free from considerations of gains and losses.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 26, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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