Wind Channel Opened

Yutang Lin

A pair of clay dragon mating in union to open wind channels,
Air puffed straight up from body then they turned into bronze.
Rejoicing in their miraculous achievement I chanted mantras,
Comprehended Great Perfection to be the practice at pinnacle.


Recently I have been reviewing books on Great Perfection, Dzogchen; this morning I received some related teachings in a dream. I saw a pair of clay dragon mating in union. Suddenly a column of air puffed straight up from their bodies, and this straight up puffing of a column of air from their bodies continued for a few times. Then their body turned into bronze and their features appeared to be more majestic. Seeing such a miraculous transformation toward the better, I sincerely rejoiced for them and chanted mantras along their side. Right then in the dream I comprehended immediately that the teaching intended to be conveyed through this dream was: the Great Perfection practice as transmitted through Longchen Nyingtik should be built on the basis of attainment gained through mastery over Wind, Channels and Wisdom Drops. Here it is carefully recorded so that the grace of this teaching may spread far and wide.

Written in Chinese on May 29, 2003
Translated on May 30, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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