Yutang Lin

Devoted to Bodhi path beyond worldly considerations,
Thoroughly sense impermanence, no contact with dirt,
Appreciate the whole course, have firm faith in results,
Thus combined to make even one step of renunciation.


Once I received an inquiry that, based on all sorts of worldly considerations, questioned the appropriateness of renunciation as taught in Buddhist teachings.

On stages of paths renunciation is only a basic step. However, it requires the practitioner to be devoted, beyond worldly considerations, to the Bodhi path as a life-long endeavor, to be profoundly sensitive to the urgency of impermanence so that worldly matters are out of mind, to be fully appreciative of the whole course of awakening and its right direction, and to be firmly convinced of the virtues of enlightenment and its attainability. Only then could a proper step of renunciation be made on the right path. Therefore, even just one step of renunciation is not an easy pace to render.

The person who raised the questions was incapable of seeing the possibilities of many kinds of lives, could not sense the urgency of impermanence, nor comprehend the significance of dedication to Bodhi path, therefore he was puzzled by the considerations within his sight.

Written in Chinese on April 24, 2003
Translated on April 28, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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