Silently Helping One Another

Yutang Lin

Pure mind would not mention wicked affairs.
Understanding worldly matters reduce ridiculing others.
As view broadened tolerance gains depth.
Helping one another as a token of being in the same boat.


When mind becomes pure one naturally would not want to mention wicked affairs. Understanding the nature of worldly situations would enable one to think in other's shoes; consequently, many ineffectual criticisms that are biased by lack of on-hand experiences would not arise. With a broad and deep view to see many possible scenarios and approaches one would develop great tolerance that is free from antagonism. Doing what one could to extend a helping hand to others according to situations encountered, this is just a token of the profound awareness of being in the same boat with others as sentient beings suffering through life and death.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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