Practicing in Daily Life

Yutang Lin

Recognizing each moment as being between life and death,
Rely first on regular practices to purify the mind.
Having renounced worldly affairs and empty talks,
Learn to dismantle subtle grasping in daily activities.


Any moment of one's life is on the line between life and death. Only after having recognized this point could one engage solidly in Buddhist practices. At first one need to rely on regular practices to evacuate the worldly pollution in one's mind so as to attain some peace, stability and clarity of mind. After having engaged in Dharma practices for years, then one's activities are no longer entangled with worldly affairs and one's thoughts are free from empty theories. The remaining practice is to dismantle subtle grasping encountered in one's daily activities.

Written in Chinese on July 6, 2000
Translated on July 7, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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