Compassion without Exception

Yutang Lin

Compassion without exception sounds incredible.
Why not renounce the evil and criminal ones?
Could right or wrong be mixed and ignored?
Would not spoiling amount to ignorant attachment?

Wide and deep view encompasses everything,
Seeing clearly that all are interconnected by conditions.
For better or worse mutual influences could not be severed.
Sooner or later causal consequences would all arrive.

Grasp not impressions to become trapped in opinions;
Learn details of a mouse hole but forget the blue sky.
Out of compassion to guide the deluded through proper ways;
Myriad teachings to be bestowed according to dispositions.


A few days ago I composed "Refrain from Holding Contempt." A Buddhist friend, having read it, asked me, "Could we even ignore events before our eyes that are clearly right or wrong?" I expanded the inquiry and answered it with the above composition. In describing the view of "Great Perfection" one should also resolve this kind of questions.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 27, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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