Refrain from Holding Contempt

Yutang Lin

Holding contempt is indeed an attachment;
Respecting others equally is true freedom.
Individual karmas vary beyond intercession;
Emancipation relies solely on Dharma practicing.


Yesterday during the fire puja to Avalokitesvara the following reflection arose: The slightest contempt held in one's mind for others is indeed a personal attachment and prejudice. Understanding that one in fact has no complete knowledge of others' situation, and thereby not becoming bound by prejudices, then one's mind becomes open and spacious, and one would naturally have equal respect for all sentient beings. Furthermore, each individual's karma is rooted in personal conditions; consequently, worrying for others would only render help in vain. In order to salvage others from all kinds of suffering, one could rely only on practicing the Dharma in earnest so that, eventually, one might become capable of propagating the Dharma to benefit all beings. According to Sutras there was a Bodhisattva by the name of "Constantly No Contempt." By adopting such a name and practicing accordingly the Bodhisattva is teaching us the following: One should practice holding no contempt for others, and equally respect all sentient beings.

Written in Chinese on March 21, 2000
Translated on March 22, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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