Practice Letting It Go

Yutang Lin

Travel and move are opportunities to practice letting it go;
Preparation of thousand details still could not be complete.
When time is up need to rush toward the destination;
Myriad preconceived things become dusts falling to ground.


The most definite thing about one's life is none other than the eventual departure from it. Whoever is aware of impermanence could use travel and move as opportunities to practice letting it go. No matter how well prepared, when the moment approaches there could hardly be nothing overlooked. As the time is up, despite one's inclinations, all sorts of anticipations would fall with the dusts that the departure would stir up. Considerations would be no more! One should maintain the holy name "Amitabha" to purify the mind, and pay no attention to the rest.

Written in Chinese: July 19, 1999
Translated: October 10, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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