Each Gets His Due

Yutang Lin

Clouds and smokes of prosperity induce people to indulgence;
Loneliness in storms help polish one's devotion to Bodhi.
Coldness and warmth of society given to one may seem contrary;
Causes and consequences indeed match without a hair of deviation.


How long could prosperity last?
At a blink would clouds and smokes become.
Yet, helpless indeed, that the joy of this instant
Often deludes people in its presence.
Earnestly practicing the Dharma,
Comrades are only two or three,
Living scattered at far edges of the Earth,
Making contributions without rest.
Don't say that causes and consequences deviate;
Deluded people are numerous while awakened ones few.
Ever since time immemorial on the path of birds
Scant indeed are fish that have entered the net.

Written in Chinese: April 10, 1999
Translated: September 19, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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