Reasons Incommunicable

Yutang Lin

Realizing that reasons may well be incommunicable,
First cease arguing, then gradually stop inner debating.
Conditions and consequences will emerge eventually;
A pure mind cares and cultivates only the root of Bodhi.


Worldly affairs are mostly beyond reasons and communication. Recognizing this point would help cease arguing with others. Realization of this point in depth would help renounce the endless repetition of lingering debates in the mind. As time goes by, all causes and consequences would gradually emerge; there is no need to explain or win over speeches at once. When arguing on the mouth or in the mind has been renounced, then it would be easier for the mind to become pure. Only when dedicating to the cultivation of one own and other Bodhi is done with a pure mind can Bodhi root and grow sturdy.

Written in Chinese: November 14, 1998
Translated: August 31, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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