The Grace of Mountain God

Yutang Lin

Meritorious and virtuous mountain god, master of auspicious land,
After years of smoke pujas revealed the desirous shape of stove.
Proper location and desirable offerings were kindly pointed out;
Golden leopard guards retreat while tigers and monkeys patrol.


Following the Superior Smoke Sacrifice ritual transmitted to me by Guru Chen, I have made regular offerings to the local mountain god for almost two decades now. Once in a dream the desirous shape of the stove was revealed to be as a grandeur armchair. At other times, the proper location of the lotus seat for him and how it should be arranged were also revealed. The kind of offerings and gold leaves preferred were also revealed through dreams. I have followed all these revelations. Once during my retreat in a dream he appeared as a golden leopard sitting on the sundeck outside the retreat room. He and his attendants also appeared in dreams as tigers and monkeys to come help me. I have lived in this area for over two decades. Through his grace it has been peaceful and auspicious. This brief record is carefully and truthfully written to recount his graceful blessings. May all who live in this area share his blessings.

Written in Chinese: October 22, 1998
Translated: August 27, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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