Praise to the Medicine Guru Buddha

Yutang Lin

Namo Medicine Guru Buddha of Lapis Lazuli Light

Great vows twelve in number, guarding and guiding all beings;
Mishaps and misfortunes fade away upon hearing thy holy name.

Pure body of lapis lazuli light, brightening the whole Dharmadhatu;
Worshipping it with offerings in reverence yields freedom from fear.

Great mantra of secret power, pacifying and eradicating all suffering;
Repeating it devoutly and constantly brings peace and harmony.

Guarding generals twelve in number, protecting the pure and faithful ones;
Offering lamps and reciting the sutra will prolong life of wisdom.

Chinese original contained in the ritual text for daily practice of Medicine Guru Buddha
Translated: July 25, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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