Halo on the Trail to the Dragon Palace

Yutang Lin

On July 16, 1995 we offered 10 precious vases to the Dragon King. A Buddhist friend Miss Huang from Oregon joined the offering activity. She took a photo in which the sunlight passing through the trees happen to form a halo on the trail leading down to the Dragon Palace. Inspired by such an auspicious sign, the following poem was composed:


White clothing accompanied by red dress,
Following closely is Andrew, our youngest son;
The tranquil trail leading to the Dragon Palace,
Suddenly blessed by a halo auspicious!

Note: Lay Buddhists are also referred to as "white clothing" in Chinese. In the photo, my wife was in a red dress.

Written in Chinese: August 28, 1995
Translated: July 25, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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