Rice Blessing after Powa

Yutang Lin

Whenever I scattered blessed rice after Powa service to bless beings in need of salvation I mentioned and visualize them in the following order:

1. All beings who are asking for Powa blessing
2. All karmic creditors of all those who are asking for prayer blessing
3. All beings in the Vajra Hell
4. All beings in all kinds of hells
5. All hungry ghosts
6. All deceased animals
7. All deceased human beings
8. All deceased Asura beings
9. All deceased heavenly beings
10. All beings in the Dharmadhatu awaiting for Powa salvation
11. All beings in cemeteries visited through websites
12. All beings connected through the oneness of all in Dharmadhatu


First of all I paid attention to those who had come to ask for blessing, and then those who had fallen due to transgression of Vajrayana Silas. And then, to all deceased beings in the six realms, in the order of the heaviness of their suffering from sins, I gave blessing to each realm one after the other. Finally I added "all beings in the Dharmadhatu awaiting for Powa salvation" lest some might have been overlooked.

When my disciples and followers scatter blessed rice to bless deceased beings, they can also follow this in their practice, so as to extensively build up Dharma connections, without being limited by the special circumstances of one particular locality and time.

Written in Chinese on August 1st, 2010
Translated on August 3rd, 2010   
El Cerrito, California


Items numbered 11 and 12 were added into the list above on February 23, 2014. "Cemeteries visited through websites" refers to virtual visits of cemeteries in the world through websites. "Connected through the oneness of all in Dharmadhatu" refers to the universal connection of all based on the Oneness in Dharmadhatu.

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