Homage to Vaisravana Heavenly King Ritual

Revised & approved by Guru Yutang Lin
Edited through Imitation by Disciple Jing Xing

I. Supplication

(A) Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!

(B) Praise and Supplication to Vaisravana Heavenly King

Possessing the Patience of Non-born and having attained the Steadfast Ground,
Beyond the reach of Sravakas and Pratyeka-Buddhas,
At will with lifespan, mind, wealth and other wonderful qualities total ten,
Grant me growth in Great Compassion and all other meritorious powers!

The Northern Heavenly King well-known as being generous,
Bestows Dharma treasures and worldly wealth as needed.
The grandeur of your palace is beyond imagination.
The future of dedicated practitioners are arranged by your grace.

Right Dharma seldom encountered, Tantric teachings difficult to receive,
Deluded beings are deep in the whirlpool of suffering
Calamities besieging daily, practice path jammed again and again,
Enlightened practitioners often suffer in hardships
Learned in Dharma and well-known for generosity, vehemently protecting the Right Path
Boundless treasure of merits, powers and wisdom
Have mercy for Dharma sons with pure Bodhi aspirations, guard and guide us,
Salvation activities will prosper and last without ending

II. Prostration

Namo Vaisravana Heavenly King

Perform one prostration while reciting the holy name once.
In total, repeat thus nine times.

III. Offerings

Present offerings of incense, candle, flower, fruit, water, etc., one kind at a time, in front of the holy image of Vaisravana Heavenly King.

IV. Chanting

(A)Long Mantra of Vaisravana Heavenly King (Three times)
Na Mo Ye La Zha Ya Ya, Na Mo Bai Xia Wa Na Ya, Ma Ha La Zha Ya, Da Ya Ta, Weng, Xie Yi Mi, Xie Yi Mi, Su Mu Su Mu, Sha Yi Da Sha Yi Da, Sha La Sha La, Ga La Ga La, Gei Ni Gei Ni, Gu Ru Gu Ru, Zhu Ru Zhu Ru, Mu Ru Mu Ru, Sha Ha A Ha Na, Ma Li Li Na Ya, Da Ya Da Na, Da Du Ye Suo Ha.

(B)Heart Mantra of Vaisravana Heavenly King (Certain number of times as decided by the practitioner)
Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha.

V. Prayer

Sinful karmas of sentient beings are so profound and horrible
That they cannot see Buddha for hundreds and thousands of kalpas.
Floating in the cycles of life and death and experiencing sufferings,
To save such beings Buddhas appear in the world.
The Great Heavenly King had long attained this Gate of Liberation;
May Your Holiness grant me accomplishments in Six Supernatural Powers!
Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Heavenly Eyes
So that I can see the suffering situations in the Hells!
Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Heavenly Ears
So that I can hear the mournful crying of ghosts!
Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Knowing Past Lives
So that I can know the past lives of animals!
Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Knowing Others' Intentions
So that I can know the intentions of sentient beings!
Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Transformation at Will
So that I can possess the Eight Merits to save all sentient beings!
Please help cultivate the supernatural power of No Leaks
So that I can reveal the Dharmakaya to all sentient beings!
All treasures that Buddha's eyes can see,
All spheres where Buddha's powers can reach,
All lights that are emitting from Buddha's body,
May the discovery of these worldly wealth and transcendental wealth be granted!

VI. Dedication

In spite of your own life and body to safeguard Buddha,
Set example of loyalty for the sake of Dharma.
Prostration to the Heavenly King, Great Bodhisattva,
Bless practitioners so that all would follow such epitome!
Accomplishing boundless virtuous merits such as yours,
Vehemently spread Dharma treasures throughout ten directions.
Guard and help sentient beings ascend the enlightenment ladder,
Leave suffering, attain happiness and realize emancipation.

Auspicious Completion


Vaisravana Heavenly King is one of the Four Guardian Kings, and he is known as the Great Northern Heavenly King, also called "Wealth and Treasures Heavenly King" in Tibetan Tantra. He is in charge of wealth and treasures, acts as a good deity in safeguarding the Buddha Dharma, and had long since attained the level of Eighth Ground (Steadfast Ground) Bodhisattva. However, the power of his great vows and blessing is not limited to providing help through granting wealth, but also aims at helping all sentient beings to attain enjoyment of being happy in peace, to avoid all hindrances and difficulties, to fulfill all good wishes, to attain supreme wisdom, and even up to attaining the supernatural power of Heavenly Eyes, and immeasurable lifespan, etc.

Yesterday (February 12, 2009), Guru Lin told me to compose the “Homage to Vaisravana Heavenly King Ritual” in imitation of his “Homage to the Protector Guan Gong Ritual, ” hence I respectfully followed Guru’s instruction, and adopted praises from Guru Chen's “Homa Ritual Honoring Vaisravana Heavenly King” and some praises by Guru Lin in composing this ritual. Then the ritual was revised and approved by Guru Lin, who also bestowed into it the dedication stanza. Thus it was accomplished and ready for faithful practitioners to adopt in daily practices.

Edited in Chinese on February 13, 2009
Translated into English on February 23, 2009
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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