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Yeo Jui Khin

The moment I received the foreword to “Dharma Nectar of Medicine Guru Buddha” from Guru Lin I was really moved.

Besides my thankfulness to the teaching and encouragement of Guru, with shameful feeling, I wish that I will be able to further my practice of Medicine Guru Buddha Dharma thoroughly, to benefit the sentient beings, so as to requite the grace of Guru and sentient beings. Thus this entire honor shall belong to Triple Gem and Guru.

I recall that day on the 26 of January, due to care and affection for disciples, Guru purposely wrote an email in English to me, saying: “Medicine Guru Buddha expressed his great compassion in his great vows, and so we associate the Buddha functions of relieving suffering and granting satisfaction of worldly wishes to him. In fact, all Buddha’s compassion is like this. For example, Amitabha has Guan Yin and 21 Taras to carry out similar Buddha functions, even though such activities are not spelled out in his great vows. So we need to keep in mind this essential point.”

Actually I understand the good intention of Guru, as he worried that I might neglect the power of virtuous merits and vows of all other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which are equally the same as Medicine Guru Buddha's. Later, I told Guru that: “I understand your meaning.” Whenever I think of Guru’s concern toward his disciples despite his busy schedule of Dharma activities, I feel uneasy and deep sorry. I had been disturbing Guru incessantly since I met Guru in October of 2005. But Guru always told me with compassion: “It does not matter; this is entirely for the Dharma.”

All the time I just regarded myself as a stepping stone, and hoped that in the era of Dharma Semblance Age, sentient beings would still be able to learn and practice the Dharma of Medicine Guru Buddha, and to carry out the great vows of Medicine Guru Buddha throughout the world so as to relieve all suffering and pacify all calamity. I also sincerely wish that all sentient beings, under the blessing light of Medicine Guru Buddha, will be granted the provision of Buddha to approach the path of bodhi.

Thinking of the kindness of Guru, I spontaneously recite with sincerity and reverence the following stanza:

Oh, originally pure yogi you are!
Wonderful conversion through Ewam as the lotus-born Guru,
The great joy in Sunyata is peerless,
May the Holy Guru live long and abide in this world!

Revised by Guru Yutang Lin
Written in Chinese by Yeo Jui Khin on January 28 of 2007
Translated into English by Yeo Jui Khin on February 1 of 2007
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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