Praise to the Supreme Pleasure Vajra

Chinese Original by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by his disciple, Yutang Lin

Veneration in the presence of the Oneness of Guru and Supreme Pleasure Vajra!

"He" signifies Non-born in realization of Sunyata that is beyond words.
"Ru" signifies Non-death that is free from causal conditions and relations.
"Ka" signifies Independence that is not abiding anywhere.
Salute and praise the Yidam that appears from transformation of Adi Buddha!

"Drinking" means enjoying the leak-free flower of supreme pleasure.
"Blood" means crystallized essence of the wisdom life of all Buddhas.
The holy one that unifies all merits of constancy, bliss, oneness and purity,
Salute and praise in the presence of the Yidam, the Supreme Pleasure Vajra!

Heavenly gown floating in the air, how lofty the majestic posture!
Vajra-cross above signifies holy activities accomplished at will.
The Bodhi crescent moon signifies incessant joy and bliss in Sunyata.
Salute and praise the supreme upper adornments of the Yidam!

Without entering a tiger's den how could one obtain the tiger's cubs?
Using poison as antidote to poison, take the skin of the tiger tamed.
Fearless emancipation attained through thrusting in and out the Lotus.
Salute and praise the wondrous lower awe-inspiring bearing of the Yidam!

All dharmas are originally pure, wondrous desires are pure beyond boundaries!
Innate great wisdom reveals the Samadhi in joy, pleasures and bliss.
Who could realize and taste the instant that transcends the Three Realms?
Salute and praise the Vajra Yogini in the embrace of the Yidam!

Having received the heart essence of Dharma my four thoughts are as solid as Vajra.
The four holy activities of pacification, enhancing, inducing and eradication are all accomplished at will.
Four kayas, four wisdoms and four virtuous merits are all coordinated suitably.
Salute and praise the Dakinis in the four directions of the Yidam!

Playing with supernatural powers, attained liberation in pure innocence,
Holding on to the sword of wisdom, guarding and sustaining Tantric practitioners,
With black crow head free from pollution, transforming incessantly in myriads ways,
Salute and praise the Protector that is a transformation of the Yidam!

Caves in mountains are very remote from the world, who would visit a cemetery ground?
Stepping down from lofty realm, the Yidam and retinue serve as mountain gods.
Compassionate vows so broad and profound in their determination to serve Dharma without reservation,
Salute and praise the Raksasa Refuges who are transformations of the Yidam!

I was as a baby looking up to the cloudless blue sky of autumn,
Prostrating at full-body length, pleading for the arrival of the day when my enlightenment wish will be satisfied,
Suddenly they appeared in the original purity of my mind,
Salute and praise the Twenty-four Mandalas of the Yidam!

The grace of the gathering of the Yidam and retinue in the Three Mandalas and their outer protectors,
Through repetition of only seven syllables karmic hindrances of myriads of kalpas will vanish.
Sublimating mind and consciousness, gaining mastery over grounds and paths,
Salute and praise the unsurpassable wondrous mantra of the Yidam!

Sentient beings in Kali Age have lustful desires extremely flamboyant.
Awe-fully profound and wondrous path is so dangerous and extremely difficult to traverse.
Like a snake inside a bamboo, it will either rise upward or fall downward.
Who will save them to liberation? Shedding compassionate tears I look up to the Mandala.

Wondrous teachings of Tantra are peerless, and will not be taught often in this Bhadrakalpa (Good Kalpa).
As if violating Silas but actually is observing them, the horse is held back at the cliff.
Facing hindrances and difficulties of wind and channel one is like a blind man in the middle of the night.
Who would render a helping hand? I cry and plead in the presence of Yidam and retinue.

Observing Silas and having renounced the world for Dharma, thus one has entered deep in the beginning part.
The wondrous Samadhi of Sunyata Brightness and growth in Bodhicitta,
Such are the causal factors that will inspire the presence of Vajra Yogini
To guide each and every Yogi on where they should apply efforts now or later.

Grace of Guru is so profound that it completely comprehends the situations of the disciples.
The consort of the Yidam loves me like a baby child.
Protectors are so merciful that they praise our good deeds and have pity on our weakness.
All virtuous ones cultivate opportune conditions to help our speedy attainments.

Please, please! The forceful thrust of Vajra in movements inward and outward,
Grant wondrous wisdoms to relieve all beings of the sorrowful burning heat in their minds!
Please, please! The wondrous turning of Lotus in movements forward and backward,
Grant supreme bliss to enable all beings to abide in tranquil and pleasant nests!

The Twenty-four Mandalas are still present without being hidden.
After all, for whom they stay around? I solemnly supplicate,
May the non-death supreme pleasure wisdom body be granted
So that even the very last being in Samsara will be saved to adorn the great compassion!


Composed on the Day in Honor of Kalachakra in the year Yi You (1945) at the Flower Offering Cave to the East of You County, Hunan, China

August 1, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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