Homa Ritual Honoring Kurukulla


Based on the Chinese Ritual by Guru Chen

Rearranged for Practice and Translated into English by his disciple Dr. Yutang Lin

(With Guru Chen's original English stanzas preserved as many as appropriate)


1.   Getting Permission from the Goddess of the Earth


       Visualize the Goddess of the Earth with a yellow body as suddenly appearing from the earth and accepting the blessing of the Master who is no different from the Yidam, Kurukulla. After she offers her approbation, she disappears.  The Master wields the Vajra toward the center of the borrowed place where the fire altar is situated to create there a Vajra-cross foundation. Repeat the incantation of Kurukulla and the following half-stanza:

Abiding in the limitless oneness of Dharmadhatu,

The Mandala of Kurukulla appears within.


2.   Generating Bodhicitta



The Dharmakaya of Buddhas, sentient beings or mine is originally in oneness.

Due to the blockade of Ignorance the original face has been hidden from view.

To attain harmonic union such that all will follow Dharma as shadow to body,

The superior joy of Vajra and Lotus in union occurs in Bodhi mind of serenity.

       Stanza of Four Boundless Minds:

May the one whom I'm going to induce leave pain and get pleasure!

May the one who has the pleasure also have the source of pleasure!

May the one who gains pleasure keep it permanently without pain!

May the one who unites with me get pleasure in the renunciation!


3.   Blessing


(a)      Blessing the surroundings with the following stanza:

Yoga of Six Elements of Truth is the eternal Siddhi.

Evam union in non-dualism has Bodhi in abundance.

Four Sunyata and Four Bliss are in leak-free Samadhi.

In all directions and three periods is desire in purity.


(b)      Visualization for Blessing the Bell, Vajra and Drum:

       Visualize that Father and Mother Steadfast Buddha become lights that go into the Vajra and Bell, respectively. Visualize the moon on the right palm and the sun on the left one. With the right hand holding the Vajra and the left one holding the Bell, recite: "Ma Ha, Ban Zha, Hong" and "Ban Zha, Ga Za, A." (All incantations are written in Pin Yin, in accordance with Guru Chen's pronunciation.) Use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra three times, simultaneously ring the Bell three times.


       (c)   Stanza:

The bell rings like lovely words, making listeners cheer.

The light-hook of Vajra draws all in its way to come near.

The music of drum induces the best one afar to come here.

Without doubt nor envy and be intimate with me so dear!


       (d)   Incantation of Blessing the Bell and Vajra:

Weng, Sha Wa Da Ta Ga Da, Xi Di Ban Zha, San Ma Ya, Di Cha, Ei Qia Si Dang, Da La Ya Mi, Ban Zha Sa Duo, Hei Hei Hei Hei Hei, Hong Hong Hong Pei, Suo Ha.


       (e)   Incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas:

       Then, while reciting the incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas, use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra to awake all the Buddhas that are in one's own Buddha-nature and with the opening of the Bell facing the top of the Master's head, turn the Bell around three times counter-clockwise, then three times clockwise, thus all Buddhas in the ten directions are requested to give blessing.

Weng, Ban Zha, Geng Zha La Li Da, Zhua La Li Da, Shuang Zhua La Li Da, Sha Wa Bu Da Ken Zha, Zhua Zha Li Lei, Zhua Zha Ba Li Mi, Geng Zha Da Na Ya, Shuang Ha Bi Da, Ban Zha Da Ma Xi Da Ya, Sha Wa Qia Li, Hong Hong Hong, Ho Ho Ho, A Kang Suo Ha.


4.   Protection


       Two pieces of food, prepared in advance, are offered. One is white in color for vegetarian Gods and the other is red for carnivorous Gods.


       (a)   The Incantation to offer food to the Protectors:

Weng, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


       (b)   Prayer Stanza to the Protectors:

All the eight departments of protectors,

And all the Yaksas and your family,

Please take all this blessed and delicious food.

Protect all the Yogis and their families.

Let all of them be free and have long life!

Gather all merits and sow all best seeds!

And may you inspire all special enjoyments!

Especially help this inducing fire sacrifice,

And let me get all the accomplishments!

Please remember all your excellent vows,

Help me to gain all the attainments.

Get rid of all bad conditions and death,

Destroy all my obstacles and demons.

Pacify all terrible dreams and bad omens.

Protect us from all dangerous risks.

Help to make peace and rich harvests for all,

May plenty of all kinds of corn and Dharma,

And all good pleasures be helped by you!

Do help me to fulfill all my best wishes!

Those who have been divined to darkness

And cannot understand all the Tantras,

Not able to hear and see this secrecy,

Please leave here and go to the places where you belong.

If you don't take my advice right now,

I shall use the powerful and fiery Vajra

To destroy your head into many pieces!


       The Karma Vajra throws the two pieces of food in two different directions.


       (c)   Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation while throwing the mustard seeds:

       Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation to send the black deities away.

Weng, Song Ba Li, Song Ba Li, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, Ge Li Ha Na, Ge Li Ha Na, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, A Na Ya Ho, Ba Ga Wen, Bi Ya Lan Zha, Hong Hong Pei!


       Then the Master visualizes the Vajra Net that covers all ten directions and is formed with the Vajra Net Mudra. Thus from the beginning of the Homa performance until its end, the altar and the Master and his family and followers are protected.


5.   Blessing the Offerings


       The Master holds the Vajra dippers together, repeats the incantation given below and visualizes much nectar falling down from Father and Mother Yidam upon all the offerings. Thus all worldly offerings become Vajra Nectar of boundless supply.

Weng, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha!


6.   Arranging the Seat of the God of Fire and that of the Yidam


       Place auspicious grasses around the fire altar. Then arrange seats for the God of Fire and the Yidam.


      A.  Praising and Welcoming the Red God of Fire


       (a)   Praise:

Shine upon the dark becoming the bright.

Joy and warmth of Tummo grow and glow!

Secret Vajra Love induces Red Bodhi flow.

Please sit on this seat of universal light!


       (b)   Visualize the Red God of Fire:

"Lang" appears on the moon that is on a lotus.

From this "Lang" arises the Red God of Fire!

He has one face and two arms.

The right hand holds the stove.

The left hand holds a fairy bottle.

His hair is very long; his belly big.

He has a red Brahmin thread around his belly!


       (c)   Welcome the Fire God:

       The Master raises a bunch of auspicious grass up to the sky to welcome the Wisdom God of Fire and repeats the following incantation:

Zha Ge Hong Zha


       (d)   Praise:

You are the victorious Prince of Dharma.

You have got the initiation of good Karma!

Your wisdom fire can help induce harmony!

I, now, beg you to help this Homa!


      B.  Arranging the Auspicious Seat for the Yidam


       (a)   Arrange the seat for the Kurukulla with the following stanza:

Four attractions with the eight petals form the seat outwardly.

Smiling face with auspicious light is the seat inwardly.

The Sunyata-joy with subtle pleasure is the seat secretly.

In the Rainbow Light circle kindly sit on the most secret seat.


       (b)   Praise the body of Kurukulla with the following stanza:

The happiness of one-taste of all things is on your merciful face.

The floral bow and arrow in your hands will induce all beings.

The hook stick has merits to gather all bliss of Buddhas and Dakinis.

The hook rope is wisely employed to draw in all kinds of beings.

Adorned with beautiful floral garland and having wondrous family,

You are loved dearly by all who sees your image or hears your mantra!

The patriarch that served you was inspired to be the national Guru.

For such a holy Karma may your holiness grant me all the blessings!


       (c)   Praise the bow and arrow of Kurukulla with the following stanza:

Your straight arrow enables us to pass the whole Bodhi path.

Your curved bow enables us to induce all beings in great mass.

The straight one crosses the curved one to get powerful force.

All sentient beings may be attracted by you without anyone lost.


Arrow symbolizes the straight mind.

Bow represents merciful skillful means.

Nothing is without Buddha nature,

Even in tiny insects one may find!


(d)   Praise the Tathagata hook of Kurukulla with the following stanza:

All the good wishes of Bodhisattva

From first stage to the Tathagata,

All merits and actions of Nirvana,

May you help us to pass all yana!


Outwardly all the worldly Siddhi,

Inwardly thirty-seven Bodhi,

Secretly the Kunda Bodhicitta,

Help me to achieve Samadhi!


The Yoginis with wisdom and beauty,

Who cannot be induced by worldly means,

Can be attracted by your hook mighty.

Help our union in the Third Initiation!


The King of nation and of Dharma

Is higher than all Kings of Karma.

Thus one gathers all kinds of Siddhi

To overwhelm all demons and Yama!


Every sentient being has Buddha nature.

Many folds of masters and retinues unite as God Net.

May their ignorance and hindrances be overthrown!

Your Holy Hook wins again as old Sages did attain!


To save others one should not always stay in retreat!

In the secret altar only very few are living inside!

To convert outsiders helpful Dakinis are much needed.

May you bless me to meet Dakini under your guide!


7.   Blessing the Wood and Oil



With the calamity-like firewood,

Start up the wisdom fire.

After offering them,

All the Sages, beings, do have the Pleasure!

The pure and clean butter helps the wisdom fire,

May all sufferings in the six realms be burned out!


8.   Starting the Fire


       (a)   Start the fire:

       With the fire mudra turn around clockwise thrice on top of the fire altar while repeating, "Lang Lang Lang."

       Use a fan with the Tibetan syllable "Yang" to fan the fire thrice while repeating, "Yang, Yang, Yang." Then repeat:

Wisdom Wisdom Great Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Constant Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Samadhi Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Tranquility Wisdom!


       (b)   Offering to the God of Fire:


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


You are the sovereign Prince of Dharma.

You have been blessed as King of Karma!

With special wisdom burn up the sorrow,

Help us in Vajra Love through this Homa!


       (c)   Prayer to the God of Fire:


I, the Acarya, and all the followers

Do have learned Dharma and done good Karma.

Any kind of obstacles before the Homa is done

Please send away from this Mandala!

Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Weng, Sha Wa Ba Bang, Xin Deng Gu Lu Ye, Suo Ha.


9.   Offering to the Kurukulla


       (a)   Offer Bodhi-branches:


By offering branches of the Wish-fulfilling Tree you possess,

May I induce power and love and attain superior success!

       Incantation (repeat thrice):

Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Po Ti Zhi Qia Ye, Suo Ha.


       (b)   Offer red sandalwood:


Such lovely color wood is here,

With sweet smell as musk of deer!

This gem-like tripod contains spring,

Which produces pleasure so dear!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Du Bei Ye, Suo Ha.


       (c)   Offer Bodhi:


Wisdom essence of Guru Rinpoche and consort is offered,

May we soon unite with the rainbow body of Vajra Yogini!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (d)   Offer golden hook (dry shrimp):


One object satisfying three oral instructions:

Red, hook and fish are offerings for inducing.

May I quickly meet the red Vajra Dakini, and

Drink her Red Bodhi to save sentient beings!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Da Ta Ga Da Ju Xie, Suo Ha.


       (e)   Offer He Huan Pi (cooperative pleasure bark):


Things of essence or Sunyata are originally of one taste,

Then separated by jealousy rooted in ignorant grasping.

Sunyata-joy of Vajra Love accomplishes all holy karma.

Offering cooperative pleasure bark so that we may unite!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (f)    Offer sea cucumber and abalone:


Six Elements always kept harmonized,

So Four Holy Karmas may be utilized.

Like Vajra and Lotus in form and size,

May their secret functions be soon realized!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (g)   Offer red-colored salt:


Of all tastes salt is the mother.

All dishes do mix salt together.

May we all be embraced by you,

You as my Guru and my Master!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho.


       (h)   Offer Gou Teng (hook-shaped Chinese herb):


Like double hook to hold,

Like rattan to tangle,

May I unite with you,

And be loved by Dakinis!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (i)    Offer Vajra Hook:


The Vajra Hook held by heavenly ladies

Is often used for inducing in Yoga Tantra.

Kurukulla's boundless love of Dharmadhatu

Matches any chosen couple without fail.


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Da TA Ga Da Ju Xie, Mao Di Zuo Li Ye, Po Li Bu Luo Ga, Suo Ha.


       (j)    Offer floral bow and arrow:


Your holy and youthful body has merits of attraction.

You have beautiful and meek manner in lovely color.

Your floral arrow reaches everywhere to induce all.

Beings far and near come as iron to magnet drawn.


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho.


(k)   Offer red flowers:


I offer fresh flowers that resemble Red Bodhi,

May I be the master of three places of Dakini!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho.

       Supplication for Vajra Love partner, the Dakini:

Many like ants only rancidity crave,

None respects the poor hermit and goes to the cave.

Many are so nice but fall into evil state,

None does regard the poor yogi so worthy to mate!

Powerful positions have been corruptly occupied,

None protects the great yogi that deserves to be glorified!

You, the Holy Mother, full of compassion,

None would avoid your charming passion!

When anyone has been induced by your kindness,

She will be helpful to our Dharma propagation!


(l)    Offer Flames of Vajra Love:


Like blazing fire is the Vajra-yogini Bodhi,

Like strong liquor is the great Sambhara Siddhi.

The best bliss pervades all over Dharmadhatu.

May we achieve the non-death Samadhi!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.

       Supplication Stanza:

When we offer the Mahasukha (supreme pleasure)

Our Dakinis get more Ananda (bliss).

In Twenty-four Mandalas and Three Places,

Each couple has a special Asana (posture).

In sentient beings and non-sentient things

Nowhere is there without such manners.

Look! Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon,

Look! Yin and Yang, pestle and mortar,

Convex and concave, protrusion and hollow,

All sorts of  handles and sockets, keys and locks,

Surely there is no one, no where

Without the Great Pleasure Karma.

Voidness, Haveness, help each other,

All are in the Union of Dharma.

She who possesses all virtuous merits,

Should come here and serve the Altar!

Outwardly all things in the Dharmadhatu,

Inwardly the sensual feelings of all beings,

Secretly the Vajra Love union of Buddhas,

All harmonized in the bliss of the Tathata (Suchness).

All in the Dharmadhatu become one couple.

Movements of Spring songs produce great Ananda.

As consequences of the six kinds of earthquake

The globe shaken, and Mara slaughtered.

Enlightenment pervades everywhere.

All sentient beings become Buddha.


(m)  Offer red silk:


Offer you in charming color the attractive silk.

You will follow me like shadow as for you I did seek.


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho.


(n)   Offer needles and threads:


The needles are like channels full of vitality.

The threads are like energies of longevity.

May I induce the essential long-life strength, so that

None will be left behind by Buddha, the Almighty.


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha A Yu Kei, Hong, Suo Ha.


(o)   Offer walnuts:


Wondrous joy of Chan, who attained its marrows?

Four joys of Tantric practice, who arrived at the ultimate sphere?

Matching outer form and inner sense through this concord offering,

May we obtain realization that completely harmonizes the two truths.


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

The pith of the fifth Bodhicitta

Is the deep one named Kunda.

It enables me to meet Dakini,

With her I may become Buddha!


(p)   Offer red fruits:


Chan and Tantra are the peaks of Dharma.

From the Mother of Truth Five Wisdoms ensue.

All five Kayas of the Buddhahood

May I attain to realize the Mandala!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha Ke Ba Ya, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

Using poison as antidote to poison, in greed yet free from greed,

May I share the bliss of  Tantric union with the poison-free Dakini!

Non-death wisdom body of supreme pleasures will thus ensue,

Wearing the Crown of Five Buddhas to save all sentient beings!


       (q)   Offer the eight offerings:


When offering water may wealth pour in soon!

When offering flowers may all Dakinis arrive soon!

When offering incense may those with smell-of-musk lotus come!

When offering light may Dharmakaya light be found!

When offering perfume may silas be kept for long!

When offering foods may holy Samadhi last long!

When offering music may Dharma spread with resonance!


Weng, Gu Lu Gu Li Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, A Gang, Ba Dang, Bu Bei, Du Bei, A Nu Gei, Gen Deng, Nu Wei Dou, Xia Da, Zhua Di Zha Ye, Suo Ha.


10. Giving thanks to the God of Fire



Brightness shines, warmth and heat felt.

As incense smokes float and spread so are the grand Dharma activities.

Nectars from Kurukulla moisten the whole universe,

While the grace of the God of Fire extends throughout the Dharmadhatu.


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi, Weng A Hong.


11. Dedication of the Merits


       (a)   General One:

If I and my followers and my sponsors have done anything which may make the Gods or Goddesses, Buddhas, Herukas unhappy, may this Homa performance be a confession. If my followers and sponsors have violated some silas or vinayas, have been disturbed by false views, and consequently have been deserted by protectors, may this Homa be a redemption and get the permission to be forgiven. May the merits of Homa be helpful toward the attainment of Buddhahood.


       (b)   Special One:

May the power of your great will and Holy Karma, and the power of the True Dharma nature, and the power of the Master's Bodhicitta, deserve your helpfulness and your pleasure!


12. Amendment


       Repeat thrice the 100-Word Incantation of Vajrasattva.


13. Repeat Original Vows


       Recite the practitioner's Bodhi Vows to pray for continuous and never ending progress of Dharma activities.


14. Mudra


       Hold the Mudra of Kurukulla.


15. Circumambulation


       Circumambulate clockwise the Homa platform thrice as gesture of reverence, and then bow thrice to Kurukulla in reverence to express gratitude.


Auspicious Completion


July 16, 2005

El Cerrito, California



Added by Yutang Lin on March 2, 2008


At the end of the fire puja I explained to all present that, the main function of Kurukulla, a female transformation of Bodhisattva Guan Yin, is to induce harmony among beings and the induction of beings toward the pursuit of enlightenment. In addition, if you read Guru Chen's praises to Kurukulla as found in the fire puja ritual, you will realize that her power of attraction is not limited to swaying the minds and hearts of beings, but also is capable of gathering fruits of Buddhahood and all conducive conditions that will bring about progress on the Dharma path and propagation of the Dharma. This means that when you have mastered the function of Dharmakaya each one of the four kinds of salvation activities, pacifying, increasing, inducing and extinguishing, may be skillfully applied to achieve all four functions.


In addition, I mentioned once again an anecdote that I had written about and repeated often in speech whenever I talked about Kurukulla fire puja. More than twenty years ago, when Guru Chen was still physically present in USA, once I was told to do a fire puja to Kurukulla, and I did it all by myself. It was late afternoon in the mountains, and right after I had offered the first two cups of water from the altar table into the fire pile, suddenly a strong whirlwind arose from the fire pile, moved to the altar table and snapped the small half-open carnation flower there, and brought it back into the fire pile. Kurukulla mercifully received the flower offering by herself as a gesture of rewarding my efforts in doing the fire puja alone. Had I not had witnessed such a miraculous event, I could not even imagine it happening.


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