Blessing of Protection

Yutang Lin

Through Buddha and Protector Wei Tuo's blessing copies of one photo and two mantra sheets have conveyed protection to many people. In this short article a brief explanation is given so that more people will benefit from their use.

I. The Mantra Sheet of "Namo Amitabha Buddha"

Once in a dream I saw a female ghost, and I wrote with my hand the six Chinese characters meaning "Namo Amitabha Buddha" in the space toward her. She disappeared immediately and blue sky appeared. I figured from that experience that my writing of this holy epithet could help ghosts to attain liberation. So I wrote it and had it printed in red ink on yellow sheets. One thousand copies were printed for free distribution. Many inspirational results had occurred through their uses. I have collected some of the reports into a booklet in Chinese. Since then tens of thousands of this mantra sheet have been printed for free distribution. The main function of this mantra sheet is to help deceased beings and ghosts to attain liberation or gain rebirth in Pureland. The way to use it is to burn a few sheets with the intention to benefit all deceased beings that are around and need it, including the special ones that one has in mind such as a deceased friend, relative or someone whose passing away has come into one's attention. This mantra sheet can also help ghosts that are haunting people or places to become liberated. It can also bestow blessing when it is framed and placed on an altar or hanged on a wall. One can also make prostration to it to receive blessing.

II. The Photo of the Giving of Fearlessness

There is already an article describing in detail the origination of this photo. Please read my article, "The Photo of the Giving of Fearlessness." It is enough to say briefly here that it was done according to the instruction of an inspirational experience in which the golden body of Protector Wei Tuo appeared. The main function of this photo is to give Protector Wei Tuo's protection from disturbances caused by ghosts. In addition, one can carry it as an amulet, or carry it in a car, such as hanging below the rear-view mirror, for traffic safety. When it is framed and placed in a room, it will protect the whole house.

III. The Mantra Sheet of "Om Mani Pedme Hong"

Once in a dream I saw this sheet appeared vertically in space even though it was not made and I did not have any idea of making it. In the dream I recognized that it was my own writing of the "Om Mani Pedme Hong" mantra of Guan Yin in six Chinese characters. The sheet started to burn from below. When the sheet was completely burned down a small statue of Protector Wei Tuo appeared. I understood it as the blessing from Protector Wei Tuo that I should make this mantra sheet available for people to use.When people have small worldly problems, they can simply burn this mantra sheet to ask for help, and Bodhisattva Wei Tuo will grant his blessings to such matters so that people don't need to come take up my time and attention. Tens of thousands of this sheet have been distributed freely and I got responses from people thanking me for its wonderful help. After several years of its distribution, I saw in a dream that it should be venerated on the altar. Hence I have framed it and put it up on the wall of my altar room.

Some people who had experienced the benefits of the above mentioned sacred objects had asked me to give permission for them to make copies on their own for free distribution to benefit more beings. As long as the intention is pure and the copies are freely distributed such copies will carry the same blessings as obtained directly from me.

March 13, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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