The Photo of the Giving of Fearlessness

Yutang Lin

The Photo of the Giving of Fearlessness

In early December of 1994 I received two requests for help from some Buddhists in San Jose area. The first one was for me to pray for peace to return to a haunted house. I performed Powa to help the ghost to gain rebirth in Buddha’s Pureland. Afterwards there were no longer recurrences of strange phenomena in that house. The second one was to pray for a lady haunted by a ghost. After I performed Powa for the ghost, her situation turned slightly better. Next morning in a dream I heard my doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw her in purple clothing standing outside the screening door. After I woke up I phoned her husband and suggested that he should make some ritual offerings to the Dragon King to beseech supernatural help. Her husband followed my advice. Then in meditation I saw her appeared healthy with the face round. That night I phoned her husband and indeed her condition had greatly improved. I told them to take good rest in order to recover from this ordeal.

This morning before I woke up I saw in a dream a photographer taking a picture of me, and I was making the gesture of the Giving of Fearlessness with my right hand. Simultaneously I saw outside the dream sphere on the left side there is a gold statue of Bodhisattva General Wei Tuo. He appeared young and handsome, grandeur and full of vigor, and was completely clad in shining armor. He was of human height with a slender gold rod in his right hand. The length of the rod is about that of a music conductor’s baton but three times thicker.

After I woke up I pondered on the significance of this inspiration. I interpreted it as an instruction for me to distribute copies of the photo of Giving of Fearlessness. Thereby places and people haunted by ghosts could receive relief through the blessings of the Bodhisattva General Wei Tuo. The slender rod, instead of his regular weapon, is for goading the ghosts. In helping others through this kind of difficulties, I always provide voluntary service. I keep their predicament in mind and constantly pray for them. When I notice something through inspiration I would notify people and give advice on how best to deal with it. I believe that it is this kind of compassionate service that had moved the great protector to helping me with this extraordinary blessing.

A while back I distributed copies of a Holy Name sheet that has “Namo Amitabha Buddha” in Chinese written by me on it. It is for burning to transmit Amitabha Buddha’s blessings to deceased beings. Since its distribution to the public many inspirational events have been reported back to me. The feedback comes from Taiwan, China, Malaysia and many places in USA. May people who come across this photo and have faith in it put it in their residence, in their vehicle, or carry it with them. Thereby they will surely receive the blessing of Bodhisattva General Wei Tuo and soon attain peace. With additional help obtained through the burning of the Holy Name sheets, the haunting ghosts would also be saved by Buddha’s grace and gain rebirth in Buddha’s Pureland or one of the better realms. Thus both the living and the dead are in peace. Isn’t it nice indeed!

The above was written in Chinese on December 15, 1994. Now I translate it into English so that it may also be distributed at Yogi Chen’s Homepage. Hereby I give permission so that people who download this photo may obtain blessing through using its printouts..

December 24, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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