Trinity of Wealth

Though poverty is a good condition for a practitioner, yet the vast propagation of Dharma, the magnificence of mandala construction, the printing of the voluminous Tripitaka, and its translations into various languages, and the offering of precious Homas—all these material things for the one who has non-egoism and non-selfishness should be granted by your blessing. For whatever is for the one serves the many. When he is helped, many kinds of Holy Karma flourish and many sentient beings are profited. Much more needed are the spiritual wealth such as Bodhicitta, Sunyata realization, Holy light and Samadhi which are more important than the worldly property; please grant these by your blessing. May all practitioners have the merits to be so completely favoured.


Buddhist Tantric Golden Prayer Book
The Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen


三財神 簡繁轉換 - 繁體








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