Trinity of Confession

The sins caused by my ignorance, may they be redeemed through the profound Philosophic Samadhi of Sunyata revealed by you—my Lord of Truth, Gautama—so I would attain gnostic wisdom without false views. The sins caused by my lust, may they be redeemed through the Vajra love practice exemplified by you—my Lord of Secrecy, Vajrasattva—so I would transcend all worldly desires. The sins caused by my anger, may they be redeemed through the Bodhicitta of conduct, personally taught by you—my Lord of great compassion, Avalokitesvara—so I would be able to save others. When all 97 inner evil drivers which drive me to run in the transmigration disappear after my purification of these three fundamental sins is done in this confession, longevity is in my hand but not Yama, Nirvana is my home but not Sukhavati, how happy I would be. O! Thanks to my Lords!

Buddhist Tantric Golden Prayer Book
The Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen


三種懺悔文主 簡繁轉換 - 繁體







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