Report on Dr. Yutang Lin's Virtual Cemetery Visits


虛擬造訪墳場之提供   林鈺堂



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Offering of Virtual Cemetery Visits

Yutang Lin

Using website links as provided by disciples I have been making daily virtual visits to cemeteries all over the world for several years. Even though daily I have time to visit only three or five cemeteries over the internet, and yet through maps, satellite photos or photos one can still sense that even though environments are various, impermanence is universal. Furthermore, through visiting different parts of the world one gradually and unnoticeably opens one's views and mind. These links are not so readily available, and so far I have shared them with only disciples and Dharma friends on my email list. This morning while taking my daily walk in the cemetery nearby, suddenly it occurred to me that we can offer these links at our websites so that more people will have the opportunity to visit virtually cemeteries all over the world on a daily basis, and thereby cultivate their awareness of impermanence and openness of mind. Hence I asked disciples Tong Tou and Da Shi to work on this project, and wrote this brief introduction to explain to all the intentions behind this service. May this service enable many Dharma friends to add one more significant daily practice!

Since July of 2003 I have been doing virtual cemetery visits via internet, and up to September 30, 2013 the number of virtual cemetery visits I have done reached 8004.

September 30, 2013
El Cerrito, California


Powa over Internet

三身頗瓦 Powa MP3

歷年各月虛擬造訪記錄--->請由此進入 Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.

Links to Cemeteries
(5 cemeteries)
Friedhof, Meynertgasse 48, 3400, Österreich(Satellite)
Friedhof, Eßlinger Friedhof 367/1, 1220 Wien, Österreich(Satellite)   
Döbling Cemetery, Hartäckerstraße 65, 1190 Wien, Österreich(Satellite) 
Sieveringer Friedhof, Sieveringer Friedhof 387/2, 1190 Wien, Österreich(Satellite) 
Friedhof Neustift am Walde, Kleingartenverein Sommerhaide 18-53, 1190 Wien, Österreich(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Szentgyörgymezői temető, Kiss Ernő utca 6, 2500 Esztergom, Magyarország(Satellite)
Kertvárosi temető, Sátorkő út 64, 2500 Esztergom, Magyarország(Satellite)  
Belvárosi temető, Temető út 5, 2500 Esztergom, Magyarország(Satellite) 
Dorogi temető, Csolnoki út 8, 2510 Dorog, Magyarország(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Groblje, Kovácsova 90, 85110 Bratislava-Rusovce, Slovensko
Groblje, Gróbska 72/4, 900 27 Bernolákovo, Slovensko(Satellite)
Groblje, Farské námestie 1277/12, 903 01 Senec, Slovensko(Satellite)
Groblje(墓地), Sládkovičova 1203/39, 900 28 Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovensko(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Begraafplaats, Zavelstraat 95, 1500 Halle, België(Satellite)
Begraafplaats, Rue Saint-Jean 29-33, 1480 Tubize, België(Satellite)
Begraafplaats(墓地), Chaussée de Mons 348, 1480 Tubize, België(Satellite)
Begraafplaats Stad Halle, Jean Jacminstraat 181, 1500 Halle, België(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cimetière, 16-30 N31, 3617 Kayl, Luxembourg(Satellite)
Cimetière, Rue Pasteur, Differdange, Luxembourg(Satellite)
Cimetière, 40 Rue Dicks-Lentz, Sanem, Luxembourg(Satellite)
Cimetière, Montée du Cimetière, Schifflange, Luxembourg(Satellite)
Cimetière, 4-24 Rue du Kirchberg, Differdange, Luxembourg(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cimetière, 1 Rue Erckmann Chatrian, 54190 Tiercelet, France 
Cimetière, Rue de Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, France(Satellite)
Cimetière, 6-8 Rue Achille Bertin, 54190 Villerupt, France(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cimitero, Via Deserto, 21055 Gorla Minore VA, Italia(Satellite)
Cimitero, Via di Dio A., 291, 21050 Marnate VA, Italia(Satellite)
Cimitero, Via dei Patrioti, 21058 Solbiate Olona VA, Italia(Satellite)
Cimitero, Via Ambrogio Colombo, 35, 21055 Gorla Minore VA, Italia(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cemitério de Rio Tinto, Rua Igreja 1951, 4435-098, Portugal(Satellite)  
Cemitério novo de Alfena, Rua Centro Social, 4445, Portugal(Satellite) 
Cemitério nº 2 da Costa, Travessa Outeiro de Sá 65, 4445-416, Portugal(Satellite)    
Cemiterio Nº 1 de Ermesinde, Rua São Silvestre 165, 4445-413, Portugal(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cimitirul Militar Ghencea III, Strada Cooperativei 8548, București, România(Satellite) 
Cimitirul Tudor Vladimirescu, Strada Tăcerii, București, România(Satellite)
Cimitir, Strada Crinului, Bragadiru 077025, România(Satellite) 
Cimitir, Tacerii, Măgurele, România(Satellite) 
(8 cemeteries)
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, N1, Libreville, Gabon(Satellite) 
A cemetery, L101, Libreville, Gabon(Satellite1)
A cemetery, L101, Libreville, Gabon(Satellite2)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Gyada Dr, Gombe, Nigeria(Satellite)   
Jimeta Cemetery, Dampor Street, Jimeta, Nigeria(Satellite)
A cemetery, Murtala Mohammed Rd, Kano, Nigeria(Satellite)
A cemetery, Murtala Mohammed Way, Kano, Nigeria(Satellite) 
(5 cemeteries)
Kitale Cemetry, C 48, Kitale, Kenya(Satellite)
A cemetery, C 48, Eldoret, Kenya(Satellite) 
Mumias Cemetry, C 40, Mumias, Kenya(Satellite)  
Kitale Commonwealth Cemetry, Mak Asembo St, Kitale, Kenya(Satellite)
Kericho Municipal Cemetery Land, Isaac Salat Rd, Kericho, Kenya(Satellite)  
(5 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 4, Jijiga, Ethiopia(Satellite1)
A cemetery, 4, Jijiga, Ethiopia(Satellite2)
A cemetery, 4, Jijiga, Ethiopia(Satellite3)
A cemetery, 30, Jijiga, Ethiopia(Satellite1) 
A cemetery, 30, Jijiga, Ethiopia(Satellite2) 
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Ufipa St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(Satellite) 
A cemetery, Wakulima Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(Satellite) 
A cemetery, Makunduchi St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(Satellite)
A cemetery, Mwai Kibaki Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cimetière, N1, Muanda, D. R. Congo(Satellite)
Cimetière, N39, Kolwezi, D. R. Congo(Satellite)
Cimetière de NGAMILELE, N17, Bandundu, D. R. Congo(Satellite)
Cimetière Nsona-Nkulu, Avenue Mbaki II, Mbanza-Ngungu, D. R. Congo(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Somalia Dr, Liberia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Kaymah Town Rd, Liberia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Police Academy Rd, Liberia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Monrovia-Kakata Hwy, Liberia(Satellite)
Mandingo Grave Yard, Old Rd, Monrovia, Liberia(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cimetière, 5.208816,-4.425417(Satellite view of a cemetery, Côte d'Ivoire)
Cimetière, A3, Songon-Kassemblé, Côte d'Ivoire(Satellite)
Cimetière, A3, Songon-M'bratté, Côte d'Ivoire(Satellite)
Cimetière, A3, Songon-Dagbé, Côte d'Ivoire(Satellite)
Cimetière, I 9?, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio, I-90, Puebloviejo, Magdalena, Colombia(Satellite)
Cementerio, I-90 # 90, Puebloviejo, Magdalena, Colombia(Satellite1)
Cementerio, I-90 # 90, Puebloviejo, Magdalena, Colombia(Satellite2)
Cementerio, I-45 # 48, Zona Bananera (Prado Sevilla), Magdalena, Colombia(Satellite)
Cementerio, I-45 # 48 a 100, Zona Bananera (Prado Sevilla), Magdalena, Colombia(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio, Méjico 2399, Benavidez, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio Parque Grand Bourg, Almirante Brown 899, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite) 
Cementerio Jardín de Paz, Ing. Eifel 2100-2299, Ingeniero Pablo Nogués, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio, El Ángel, Ecuador(Satellite)
Cementerio, E187, San Isidro, Ecuador(Satellite)
Cementerio, Vía Ambato - Quisapincha, Ambato, Ecuador(Satellite)
Cementerio, Pan American Hwy, Bolívar, Ecuador(Satellite)
Cementerio, Calle Isidro de la Bastida, Pimampiro, Ecuador(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio Catolico de Cauquenes, Avenida Luis Manríquez 2081-2593, Cauquenes, Maule, Chile(Satellite) 
Cementerio de Retiro, L-631, Retiro, Maule, Chile(Satellite)
Cementerio, L-636, Parral, Maule, Chile(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio Municipal de Guarambaré, Fulgencio Yegros, Guarambaré, Paraguay(Satellite)   
Cememterio, General Elizardo Aquino, Limpio, Paraguay(Satellite)    
Cememterio, Virgen del Rosario, Itaugua, Paraguay(Satellite)
Cememterio, Jose Felix Duarte, Nemby, Paraguay(Satellite)     
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Punata, Av Gualberto Villarroel, Punata Municipality, Bolivia(Satellite)
Cementerio General de Sacaba, CIUDAD NUEVA, Sacaba, Bolivia(Satellite) 
Cementerio de Arani, Av Melchor Perez de Olguin, Arani, Bolivia(Satellite)
Cementerio, 7, Bolivia(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio, 16, Moncion 51000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
Cementerio, 27 de Febrero, Esperanza, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
Cementerio, Avenida Fermín, Villa Gonzalez 51000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
Cementerio Navarrete, Calle Eugenio Lithgow, Villa Bisonó 51000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
Cementerio Estancia del Yaque, Calle Principal Estancia del Yaque, 51000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio General, Calle Vecinal A Ayutuxtepeque, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio General, Calle A Sansalvador, Tonacatepeque, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio, Carretera Troncal Del Norte, Guazapa, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio General, Calle La Estacion, Nejapa, El Salvador(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Chamelecon, CA 5, Chamelecon, Honduras(Satellite) 
A cemetery, CA 13, Quebrada Seca, Honduras(Satellite)
A cemetery, CA 5, Potrerillos, Honduras(Satellite)
A cemetery, CA 5, El Plan, Honduras(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cemitério Ricardo de Albuquerque - Ricardo de Albuquerque, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil(Satellite)
Cemitério Murundu, R. Murundu, 1140 - Padre Miguel, Rio de Janeiro, 21715-410, Brasil(Satellite) 
Cemitério Jardim da Saudade, Av. Adamantina, 580-1146 - Cosmorama, Mesquita - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil(Satellite) 
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio, 1, Guane, Cuba(Satellite)
Cementerio, CD, Bahia Honda, Cuba(Satellite)
Cementerio, CD, San Cayetano, Cuba(Satellite)
Cementerio, Carretera Central, El Sabalo, Cuba(Satellite)
Cementerio, Carretera Central, San Juan y Martínez, Cuba(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Panteón San Andrés, 5 de Mayo 108, Pueblo San Andrés Totoltepec, Tlalpan, 14400 Ciudad de México, D.F., México(Satellite)
Panteón Santa María Tepepan, Cda. Panteón, Santa María Tepepan, Xochimilco, 16020 Ciudad de México, D.F., México(Satellite)
Cementerio de Las Fuerzas Armadas, México Cuernavaca, Nuevo Renacimiento de Axalco, Tlalpan, 14400 Coyacán, D.F., México(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Rue Benoit Ouest, Longueuil, QC J4J 3K7, Canada(Satellite)
A cemetery, 571-575 Montée Masson, Terrebonne, QC J6W 2W6, Canada
A cemetery, 300-330 Rue de Martigny Ouest, Saint-Jérôme, QC J7Y 4C9, Canada
A cemetery, 610 Rue-Saint Jacques, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 2P7, Canada(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Saint Charles Cemetery, 9600 St Francis St, Destrehan, LA 70047(Satellite) 
Providence Memorial Park, 2101 Michigan Ave, Kenner, LA 70062(Satellite) 
Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Lentini Ln, St Rose, LA 70087(Satellite) 
A cemetery, 401-499 Decatur St, Kenner, LA 70062
虛擬造訪之記錄 Records of Virtual Cemetery Visits


Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.


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