Powa over Internet

Yutang Lin

Lacked proper tools to request blessings for the dead;
Digital imaging help spread compassionate salvation.
Passing a cemetery, all aspects are captured in photos;
Then displayed on a webpage to gain benefit of Powa.


In the past while Dr. Juan Bulnes was travelling he often thought of sending photos of cemeteries he encountered to me for Powa service. However, often it was not very easy to carry such things out. Now with the availability of digital cameras and Internet services it has become rather easy to do this wherever he goes. He would bring a digital camera along, take photos of all major aspects of a cemetery that he runs into, post them at a website that provides photo services, and then send me an invitation to visit and view those photos. While I watched slide show of such photos I would chant the Mani mantra or the mantra of Green Tara for the deceased in the cemetery. Then I would write down the name of the cemetery and the city and state of its location, and include those deceased in the next Powa service. It has been one month since we started this practice, and I have already done such "Virtual Cemetery Visits" for 57 times. This includes photos of cemeteries that are posted at some websites that Juan discovered.

If other Buddhists would like to follow Juan's approach to build bridges for Powa services over Internet, please post the photos at some website and then send me an invitation for me to do my virtual visit. In this way we can save me the download time that I cannot afford with my low-speed connection.

Written in Chinese and translated on August 27, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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