Report on Dr. Yutang Lin's Virtual Cemetery Visits


虛擬造訪墳場之提供   林鈺堂



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Offering of Virtual Cemetery Visits

Yutang Lin

Using website links as provided by disciples I have been making daily virtual visits to cemeteries all over the world for several years. Even though daily I have time to visit only three or five cemeteries over the internet, and yet through maps, satellite photos or photos one can still sense that even though environments are various, impermanence is universal. Furthermore, through visiting different parts of the world one gradually and unnoticeably opens one's views and mind. These links are not so readily available, and so far I have shared them with only disciples and Dharma friends on my email list. This morning while taking my daily walk in the cemetery nearby, suddenly it occurred to me that we can offer these links at our websites so that more people will have the opportunity to visit virtually cemeteries all over the world on a daily basis, and thereby cultivate their awareness of impermanence and openness of mind. Hence I asked disciples Tong Tou and Da Shi to work on this project, and wrote this brief introduction to explain to all the intentions behind this service. May this service enable many Dharma friends to add one more significant daily practice!

Since July of 2003 I have been doing virtual cemetery visits via internet, and up to Feb. 21, 2013 the number of virtual cemetery visits I have done reached 7000.

October 21, 2011
El Cerrito, California


Powa over Internet

三身頗瓦 Powa MP3

歷年各月虛擬造訪記錄--->請由此進入 Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.

Links to Cemeteries
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio, 15 A, Perú(Satellite)
Cementerio General de Mollendo, Calle Comercio, Mollendo, Perú(Satellite)
-17.140514,-71.826728(Satellite view of a cemetery, La Curva, Perú)
-17.165953,-71.786014(Satellite view of a cemetery, Punta de Bombon, Perú)
(4 cemeteries)
-17.345172,-66.265339(Satellite view of a cemetery, Bolivia)
Cementerio de Anocaraire, Calle Anocaraire, Bolivia(Satellite)
Cementerio Municipal Tiquipaya, Calle Pablo Jaimes, Tiquipaya, Bolivia(Satellite) 
Cementerio La Concordia, Avenida 16 de Julio, Colcapirhua Municipality, Bolivia(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio Municipal de Luque, Mariscal Lopez 254, Luque, Paraguay(Satellite) 
Cememterio, Mariscal Francisco Solano López, Areguá, Paraguay(Satellite)   
Cementerio Municipal, Cnel. Bogado, Luque, Paraguay(Satellite) 
Cementerio municipal, Navarro, Villeta, Paraguay(Satellite) 
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio Parque, 25 de Mayo 3301-3399, Berisso, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio de San Martin, 119 Cnel. Mom 2302-2400, Villa Lynch, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio de La Plata, Calle 76 1901-1949, Altos de San Lorenzo, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio de Vicente Lopez & Cementerio de Olivos, Mariano Pelliza 3102-3200, Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cemitério, R. Avelina Pereira, 157 - Tremembé, São Paulo, 02315-090, Brasil(Satellite)
Cemitério do Tremembé, R. Cândida, 54-814 - Cabuis, Nilópolis - RJ, 26545-330, Brasil(Satellite) 
Cemitério Parque da Cantareira, Estr. Corisco, 483 - Tremembé, São Paulo, 02364-801, Brasil(photo)
Cemitério São João Batista, R. Real Grandeza, 347 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22281-032, Brasil(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Old Harbour Rd, Old Harbour, Jamaica(Satellite1)
Old Harbour Rd, Old Harbour, Jamaica(Satellite2)
Dovecot Memorial Park, St Paul Way, Jamaica(Satellite)
Denbigh Cemetery, Frances St, May Pen, Jamaica(Satellite) 
Spanish Town Cemetery, Prince Ln, Spanish Town, Jamaica(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio, 16, Los Guandules 51000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
Cementerio de Licey, Carretera Duarte, Licey 51000, Dominican Republic(Satellite) 
19.339071,-70.481042(Satellite view of Cementerio Municipal, Dominican Republic)
Cementerio Municipal, Duarte, Rio Verde Arriba 41000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
Cementerio Municipal de Moca, Calle Central, Moca 56000, Dominican Republic(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio, 4 Avenida Sur, Coatepeque, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio Santa Isabel, SAN03E, Santa Ana, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio, El Cafetalito, Ciudad Arce, Santa Rosa, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio Parque Jar Las Flores, Avenida Independencia, Santa Ana, El Salvador(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 7A Calle, El Progreso, Honduras(Satellite)
A cemetery, 14 Calle Sur,  El Progreso, Honduras(Satellite)
Cementerio Municipal, Calle al Cementerio, El Porvenir, Honduras(Satellite) 
Parque Memorial El Progreso, 14A Avenida Sur, El Progreso, Honduras(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio Artemisa, Av Martires de Artemisa, Artemisa, Cuba(Satellite) 
Cementerio San Cristóbal, CC Maceo, San Cristóbal, Cuba(Satellite) 
Cementerio Metropolitano, Alameda, Pinar del Rio, Cuba(Satellite) 
Cementerio, Carretera Central, Caimito, Cuba(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Panteón Guadalupe, Olivar 40, Sacramento, Álvaro Obregón, 01420 Ciudad de México, D.F., México(Satellite)
Panteón de Dolores & Panteón Isrraelita, Av Constituyentes 446, América, Miguel Hidalgo, 11820 Ciudad de México, D.F., México(Satellite) 
Panteón Tarango, Condor, Las Águilas Ampliación 2o. Parque, Álvaro Obregón, 01710 Ciudad de México, D.F., México(Satellite) 
(5 cemeteries)
Baldwin Cemetery, 630 Brown Rd, Creola, AL 36525, United States(Satellite) 
Whistler Cemetery, 801-899 Crane Ave, Mobile, AL 36612, United States(Satellite) 
Wolf Ridge Cemetery, 2053 Wolf Ridge Rd, Mobile, AL 36618, United States(Satellite)    
Whispering Pines Cemetery, 1632 Stile Ave, Mobile, AL 36612, United States(Satellite)   
Elam Cemetery, 1911-1989 Cheeseman Ave, Mobile, AL 36612, United States(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Lincoln Memorial Cemetery & Willamette National Cemetery, 11331-11499 SE Mt Scott Blvd, Portland, OR 97266, United States(Satellite)  
Congregation Shaarie Torah Cemetery, 8013 SE 67th Ave, Portland, OR 97206, United States(Satellite)
Milwaukie Cemetery, SE 17th Ave, Milwaukie, OR 97222, United States(Satellite) 
(6 cemeteries)
Mount Zion Cemetery & Beth Israel Cemetery & Home of Peace Cemetery & Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 4388-4398 Verona St, Los Angeles, CA 90023(Satellite)  
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Memory Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90065(Satellite)
Holywood Forever Cemetery, 5934 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Saint Marys Cemetery, 1000 High St, Port Chester, NY 10573 
A cemetery, 1316 Remsen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236(Satellite)
Woodlawn Cemetery, 4199 Webster Ave, Bronx, NY 10470(Satellite) 
A cemetery, 11 Jackson Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 6095 Chester Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142(Satellite)
A cemetery, 583-699 S Wycombe Ave, Darby, PA 19023(Satellite)
Fernwood Cemetery, Church Ln, Upper Darby, PA 19082(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Saint Casimirs Cemetery, 11 Doolittle Crossing, Wallingford Center, CT 06492(Satellite) 
Central Burying Grounds, 247 Washington Ave, Hamden, CT 06518(Satellite)
All Sainta Cemetery, 700 Middletown Ave, North Haven, CT 06473(Satellite)
Norford Cemetery, 1-31 Spruce St, Northford, CT 06472(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Autoroute Félix Leclerc, Beauport, QC, Canada
A cemetery, 2435 Avenue Robert Giffard, Québec, QC G1E 4G9, Canada
Saint-Romuald Cemetery, 545-567 Rue de l'Église, Saint-Romuald, QC G6W 3J5, Canada
Cimetière La Nativitè-de-Notre-Dame, 5-15 Avenue du Collège, Québec, QC G1E 2X5, Canada
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 8 Ocean Park Rd, Belmont South NSW 2280, Australia (Satellite)
Ronkana Cemetery, LOT 1 Catamaran Rd, Fountaindale NSW 2258, Australia (Satellite)
Point Clare Cemetery, LOT 7013 Cemetery Rd, Point Clare NSW 2250, Australia (Satellite) 
Palmdale Memorial Park & Crematorium, 64 Palmdale Rd, Palmdale NSW 2258, Australia (Satellite)
(8 cemeteries)
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Fuefuki-shi, Isawachō Matsumoto, 999, 寶幢院墓地(Satellite)   
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Kōfu-shi, Kawadamachi, 357, 寿徳院墓地(Satellite)  
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Kōfu-shi, Wadomachi, 1301, 東勝寺墓地‎(Satellite)   
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Kōfu-shi, Sakuraichō, 999, 逍遥院墓地&東禪寺墓地(Satellite) 
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Kōfu-shi, Yokonemachi, 1110, 光福寺墓地(Satellite)  
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Kōfu-shi, Sakaori, 3丁目12−1, 浄正院墓地(Satellite)   
日本, Yamanashi-ken, Kōfu-shi, Zenkōji, 3丁目36−11, 甲府善光寺墓地(Satellite)  
(5 cemeteries)
(4 cemeteries)
中華人民共和國新疆维吾尔自治区喀什地区喀什市430县道邮政编码: 844000墓地衛星空瞰
中華人民共和國新疆维吾尔自治区喀什地区喀什市阔纳乃则尔巴格路234号邮政 编码: 844000墓地衛星空瞰
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, R585, Birampur, Bangladesh(Satellite)
A cemetery, Koborsthan More Rd, Bangladesh(Satellite) 
Lslampur Cemetery, Chowpathi Rd, Bangladesh(Satellite) 
Peerpur Cemetery, Alamnagar Rd, Rangpur, Bangladesh(Satellite)
Graveyard, Rangpur - Kurigram Hwy, Rangpur, Bangladesh(Satellite)
Muslim Cemetery, Newtown to Housing More Rd, Dinajpur 5200, Bangladesh(Satellite) 
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Jalan Tupai Terbang 4, Taman Sri Saga, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Jalan Kampung Melayu, Kampung Melayu, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Jalan Minyak Beku, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia(Satellite)--->
A cemetery, Jalan Minyak Beku, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia(photo)
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 371-2 Pyeongchon-ri, Eungbong-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea(Satellite)--->
A cemetery, 371-2 Pyeongchon-ri, Eungbong-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea(photos)
A cemetery, 산136-1 Hyojadong 3(sam)-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea(Satellite)
A cemetery, 67-2 Miwon-ri, Impi-myeon, Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Nghĩa trang, 50 Quốc lộ 51, tt. Long Thành, Long Thanh District, Tỉnh Đồng Nai, Việt Nam(Satellite)
Nghĩa trang, 34 Quốc lộ 51, tt. Long Thành, Long Thanh District, Tỉnh Đồng Nai, Việt Nam(Satellite)
Nghĩa trang, Chu Văn An, tt. Long Thành, Long Thanh District, Tỉnh Đồng Nai, Việt Nam(Satellite1)
Nghĩa trang, Chu Văn An, tt. Long Thành, Long Thanh District, Tỉnh Đồng Nai, Việt Nam(Satellite2)
Nghĩa trang(墓地), Tỉnh lộ 769, Lộc An, Long Thanh District, Tỉnh Đồng Nai, Việt Nam(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Hom 12 Ban Nonsavang, Viangchan, Laos(Satellite)
Cemetery of Hua Khua, 17A, Luang Namtha, Laos(Satellite)
Done Moun Cemetery, 3, Luang Namtha, Laos(Satellite)
Military Cemetery, 13, Laos(Satellite) 
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Old Bridge, Fallujah(الفلوجة), Iraq(Satellite)--->A cemetery, Old Bridge, Fallujah, Iraq(photos)
A cemetery, طريق حي الجولان, Fallujah, Iraq(Satellite)
A cemetery, حي الجولان, Fallujah, Iraq(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Makam Karawaci, Jalan Mohammad Husni Thamrin, Tangerang 15115, Indonesia(Satellite)
Makam Patriot Bangsa, Jalan Pepabri Raya, Tangerang 15144, Indonesia(Satellite)
Kubura(墓地), Jalan Sawo, Tangerang 15155, Indonesia(Satellite)
Kubura, Jalan Pinus 1, Tangerang 15154, Indonesia(Satellite)
Kubura, Jalan Makam, Tangerang 15151, Indonesia(Satellite)
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Кызылдыйканская трасса, Sosnovka, Kyrgyzstan(Satellite1)
A cemetery, Кызылдыйканская трасса, Sosnovka, Kyrgyzstan(Satellite2)
A cemetery, Кызылдыйканская трасса, Sosnovka, Kyrgyzstan(Satellite3)
A cemetery, Калинина, Krasnooktyabrskiy, Kyrgyzstan(Satellite)
A cemetery, Ленина, Krasnooktyabrskiy, Kyrgyzstan(Satellite)
A cemetery, Р-17, Kyrgyzstan(Satellite)
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, M34, Istaravshan, TajikIstan(Satellite1)
A cemetery, M34, Istaravshan, TajikIstan(Satellite2)
A cemetery, M34, Istaravshan, TajikIstan(Satellite3)
A cemetery, M34, Istaravshan, TajikIstan(Satellite4)
A cemetery, M34, Istaravshan, TajikIstan(Satellite5)
A cemetery, M34, Istaravshan, TajikIstan(Satellite6)
虛擬造訪之記錄 Records of Virtual Cemetery Visits


Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.


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