Report on Dr. Yutang Lin's Virtual Cemetery Visits


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Offering of Virtual Cemetery Visits

Yutang Lin

Using website links as provided by disciples I have been making daily virtual visits to cemeteries all over the world for several years. Even though daily I have time to visit only three or five cemeteries over the internet, and yet through maps, satellite photos or photos one can still sense that even though environments are various, impermanence is universal. Furthermore, through visiting different parts of the world one gradually and unnoticeably opens one's views and mind. These links are not so readily available, and so far I have shared them with only disciples and Dharma friends on my email list. This morning while taking my daily walk in the cemetery nearby, suddenly it occurred to me that we can offer these links at our websites so that more people will have the opportunity to visit virtually cemeteries all over the world on a daily basis, and thereby cultivate their awareness of impermanence and openness of mind. Hence I asked disciples Tong Tou and Da Shi to work on this project, and wrote this brief introduction to explain to all the intentions behind this service. May this service enable many Dharma friends to add one more significant daily practice!

Since July of 2003 I have been doing virtual cemetery visits via internet, and up to Oct. 21, 2011 the number of virtual cemetery visits I have done reached 4766.

October 21, 2011
El Cerrito, California


Powa over Internet

三身頗瓦 Powa MP3

歷年各月虛擬造訪記錄--->請由此進入 Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.

Links to Cemeteries
(4 cemeteries)
Makaburi ya Kikuyu, A 104, Dodoma, Tanzania(Satellite1)
Makaburi ya Nkuhungu, A 104, Dodoma, Tanzania(Satellite2) 
Makaburi ya Chinangali, A 104, Dodoma, Tanzania(Satellite3)   
Makaburi ya Wahanga wa Ajali ya Treni Dodoma, A 104, Dodoma, Tanzania(Satellite4)  
(5 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Kerk St, Ermelo 2351, South Africa(Satellite)  
A cemetery, 76 Vrede St, Ermelo 2351, South Africa   
A cemetery, 82 Pine St, Pinetown 3610, South Africa    
A cemetery, 80 Selborne Rd, Berea 4075, South Africa  
A cemetery, 90 Malacca Rd, Durban North 4051, South Africa 
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio General, 1 Calle, Comayaguela, Honduras(Satellite) 
Jardin de Paz, Anillo Periferico 2, Tegucigalpa, Honduras(Satellite)  
A cemetery, Boulevard Juan Pablo II, Tegucigalpa, Honduras(Satellite)   
(3 cemeteries)
Lord Ridge Cemetery,  Western Hwy, Belize City, Belize(Satellite)  
A cemetery, 5th Ave, Corozal, Belize(Satellite)    
A cemetery, B St N, Corozal, Belize(Satellite)  
(5 cemeteries)
A cementery,  14, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala(Satellite)   
A cementery, 8a Calle, Chichicastenango, Guatemala(Satellite)  
Cementerio El Hawaii, Calle Principal, Monterrico, Guatemala(Satellite)
Cementerio General, 10a Avenida, Huehuetenango, Guatemala(Satellite) 
A cementery, Calzada 15 de Septiembre, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala(Satellite)   
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio, CA 2, San Luis Talpa, El Salvador(satellite)
Cementerio General, Pasaje No 5, San Vicente, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio de El Refugio, RN 13 W, El Refugio, El Salvador(Satellite) 
Cementerio Central, Calle Nicolas peña, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cememterio, San Justo, Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay(Satellite)   
Cememterio, Cnel. Martinez, Villarrica, Paraguay(Satellite)  
Cememterio, Boqueron, Piribebuy, Paraguay(Satellite)  
Cememterio, Piribebuy, Villarrica, Paraguay(Satellite)   
Cememterio, Colón, San Miguel, Paraguay(Satellite)  
(3 cemeteries)
Panteón San Juan Tlihuaca, Roman Álvarez, San Juan Tlihuaca, Azcapotzalco, Ciudad de México, DF, México(Satellite)
Panteón San Isidro, General Lucio Blanco, Providencia, Azcapotzalco, Ciudad de México, DF, México(Satellite) 
Panteón(先賢祠), Miguel Hidalgo, San Pablo, San Pablo de Las Salinas, MEX, México
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio, Carrera 2 # 23-1 a 23-99, La Vega, Cundinamarca, Colombia(Satellite)   
Cementerio, Calle 4 # 50 a 100, Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca, Colombia(Satellite)   
Cementerio, Calle 13 # 5-2 a 5-100, Barbosa, Santander, Colombia(Satellite)   
Cementerio, Carrera 4, San José De Pare, Boyacá, Colombia(Satellite)  
Cementerio, Calle 3, Guepsa, Santander, Colombia(Satellite)   
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Estate Rd, Uitvlugt, Guyana(Satellite1)   
A cemetery, Estate Rd, Uitvlugt, Guyana(Satellite2)
A cemetery, Estate Rd, Uitvlugt, Guyana(Satellite3)
A cemetery, Estate Rd, Uitvlugt, Guyana(Satellite4)  
A cemetery, Factory Rd, Guyana(Satellite1)  
Logwood Cemetery, Factory Rd, Guyana(Satellite2)     
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Rengo, Doctor Renato Correa 500-1298, Rengo, O'Higgins, Chile(photo)
Cementerio, Ginebra, 301-329, 301-329, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile(Satellite)
Cementerio Las Cabras, Ruta H-780, Las Cabras, O'Higgins, Chile(Satellite) 
Cementerio de Lo Miranda, Ruta H-30, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile(photo) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cemitério, R. Prof. João Falarz, 2-360 - Orleans, Curitiba - PR, 81280-270, Brasil(Satellite)
Cemitério Luterano, R. Ivo Leão, 141-289 - Alto da Glória, Curitiba - PR, 80030-180, Brasil(Satellite) 
Cemitério, Av. Manoel Ribas, 6641-6705 - Santa Felicidade, Curitiba - PR, 82020-000, Brasil(Satellite)
Cemitério, R. Henrique Martins Torres, 1111-1329 - Boqueirão, Curitiba - PR, 81750-080, Brasil(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Almirante Brown, Lerroux 2300-2598, Claypole, Buenos Aires, Argentina(photo)--->
Cementerio de Almirante Brown,   Lerroux 2300-2598, Claypole, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite) 
Cementerio de Remedios de Escalada, Almeyra 3201-3299, Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cementerio Parque Municipal de Hurlingham, Juan de Lángara 300-398, Villa Tesei, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 1286-1292 Avenue James Lemoine, Québec, QC G1S 1A3, Canada(Satellite)    
A cemetery, 2081-2103 Boulevard René Lévesque Ouest, Québec, QC G1V 2K9, Canada    
Baron De Hirsch Affiliated Cemetery, 4964 Rue de la Savane, Montréal, QC H4P, Canada    
A cemetery, 1759 Chemin Saint Louis, Sillery, QC G1S 1H5, Canada   
(6 cemeteries)
Saint Joseph Cemetery, 1501-1599 Champlin Ave, Yorkville, NY 13502, United States
Grandview Cemetery, Valley Rd, Whitesboro, NY 13492, United States(Satellite)
Magnolia Cemetery & Mobile National Cemetery & Jewish Cemetery, 1202 Virginia St, Mobile, AL 36604,United States(Satellite)  
Glenside Cemetery, 23 Hillside Dr, NY 13417, United States(Satellite) 
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Taufa'ahau Rd, Tonga(Satellite)
A cemetery, Taufa'ahau Rd, Afa, Tonga(Satellite)    
A cemetery, Taufa'ahau Rd, Malapo, Tonga(Satellite)  
A cemetery, Taufa'ahau Rd, Niutoua, Tonga(Satellite)    
A cemetery, Taufa'ahau Rd, Holonga, Tonga(Satellite)   
A cemetery, Taufa'ahau Rd, Kolonga, Tonga(Satellite)    
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 9 George St, Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia  
A cemetery, 59 Broughton St, Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia  
A cemetery, 48A Appin Rd, Appin New South Wales 2560, Australia(Satellite) 
Narellan Cemetery, 6 Richardson Rd, Narellan New South Wales 2567, Australia(Satellite)
(6 cemeteries)
(5 cemeteries)
(3 cemeteries)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, A1, 89200 Tuaran,  Sabah, Malaysia(Satellite)    
A cemetery, Jalan Bau, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia(Satellite1)
A cemetery, Jalan Bau, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia(Satellite2)
A cemetery, Jalan Rapat Jaya, Kampung Rapat Jaya, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia(Satellite)  
(4 cemeteries)
Panabo Public Cemetery, Cabaluna St, Panabo, Philippines(Satellite)   
A cemetery, Pan-Philippine Hwy, Tagum City, Philippines(Satellite1) 
La Filipina Public Cemetery, Pan-Philippine Hwy, Tagum City, Philippines(Satellite2)  
Glorious Memorial Park, Capitol Circumferential Rd, Tagum City, Philippines(Satellite)      
(4 cemeteries)
Nghĩa trang, 343 QUỐC LỘ 1, Hố Nai, Trảng Bom, 同奈省, Việt Nam(Satellite) 
Nghĩa trang, 1A, tt. Trảng Bom, h. Trảng Bom, 同奈, Việt Nam(Satellite1)
Nghĩa trang, 1A, tt. Trảng Bom, h. Trảng Bom, 同奈, Việt Nam(Satellite2)
Nghĩa trang(墓地), 1A, tt. Trảng Bom, h. Trảng Bom, 同奈, Việt Nam(Satellite3)
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, AH123, Ban Bueng, Chon Buri 20170, Thailand(Satellite1)
A cemetery, AH123, Ban Bueng, Chon Buri 20170, Thailand(Satellite2) 
Chinese Cemetery, Tarnnati Rd, Ban Bueng, Chon Buri 20170, Thailand(photo)--->
Chinese Cemetery, Tarnnati Rd, Ban Bueng, Chon Buri 20170, Thailand(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Mulsim Graveyard, College Goli, Jamalpur, Bangladesh(Satellite) 
Notun Chowdhury Para Graveyard, Road, Comilla, Bangladesh(Satellite)  
Akbar Shah Grave Yard, Zakir Hossain Rd,Chittagong, Bangladesh(Satellite)  
Sherpur City Cemetery, New Madhubpur Trail, Sherpur, Bangladesh(Satellite)  
(5 cemeteries)
Cremation Ground(火葬), C S Link Rd, Dahisar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India(Satellite) 
Grave Yard(墓地), Navghar Smashan Rd, Bhayandar East , Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra, India(Satellite) 
Cremation Ground, Kashigaon Rd, Kashigaon, Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra, India(Satellite)
Cremation Ground, Shankar Mandir Rd, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Mira Road East, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra, India(Satellite) 
Nazareth Church Cemetery, Jai Ambe Mandir Rd, Shashikanth Nagar, Bhayandar West, Shashikanth Nagar, Bhayandar West, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra, India(photo) 
(5 cemeteries)
A Cemetery, Vihara Ln, Kaduwela, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
Yatawaththa Cemetery, Keerthi Mawatha, Sri Lanka(Satellite) 
Galawila Watta Cemetery, Samanala Pedesa, Homagama, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
Gemunu Pura Cemetery, 111 New Kandy Rd, Kaduwela 10640, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
A cemetery, Sudharshana Mavatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Diraz Cemetery, 2821 Avenue 36, Diraz, Bahrain(Satellite)
Alshowaikh Cemetery, Road No 1811, Barbar, Bahrain(Satellite)
Bani Jamra Cemetery, Budaiya Hwy, Bani Jamra, Bahrain(photo)--->
Bani Jamra Cemetery, Budaiya Hwy, Bani Jamra, Bahrain\(Satellite) 
(5 cemeteries)
Mezarlik, Murat Cd, Celaliye Mh., Istanbul, Türkiye(Satellite) 
Mezarlik, Kazım Savaş Cd, Çakıl Mh., 34540 Istanbul, Türkiye(Satellite) 
Şehitlik(殉難) Mezarlik, Ferah Sk, Kocahıdır Mh., 39100 Kırklareli, Türkiye(photo) 
Mezarlik(墓地), Silivri Cd, Kumburgaz Merkez Mh., 34530 Istanbul, Türkiye(Satellite) 
Ferhatpaşa Mezarlığı, Atatürk Cd, Ferhatpaşa Mh., 34540 Istanbul, Türkiye(Satellite)  
(5 cemeteries)
A cemetery, R-175, O'zbekiston(Satellite)    
A cemetery, A381, Khojayli, O'zbekiston(Satellite)   
A cemetery, Bagdad St, Nukus, O'zbekiston(Satellite) 
A cemetery, A. Dosnazarov ko'shesi, Nukus, O'zbekiston(Satellite1) 
A cemetery, A. Dosnazarov ko'shesi, Nukus, O'zbekiston(Satellite2) 
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Klochkivs'ka St, 340, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Україна61000(Satellite) 
A cemetery, Plastychnyi Ln, 21, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Україна61000(Satellite)   
A cemetery, Pushkins'ka St, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Україна61000(Satellite)  
虛擬造訪之記錄 Records of Virtual Cemetery Visits


Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.


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