Report on Dr. Yutang Lin's Virtual Cemetery Visits


虛擬造訪墳場之提供   林鈺堂



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Offering of Virtual Cemetery Visits

Yutang Lin

Using website links as provided by disciples I have been making daily virtual visits to cemeteries all over the world for several years. Even though daily I have time to visit only three or five cemeteries over the internet, and yet through maps, satellite photos or photos one can still sense that even though environments are various, impermanence is universal. Furthermore, through visiting different parts of the world one gradually and unnoticeably opens one's views and mind. These links are not so readily available, and so far I have shared them with only disciples and Dharma friends on my email list. This morning while taking my daily walk in the cemetery nearby, suddenly it occurred to me that we can offer these links at our websites so that more people will have the opportunity to visit virtually cemeteries all over the world on a daily basis, and thereby cultivate their awareness of impermanence and openness of mind. Hence I asked disciples Tong Tou and Da Shi to work on this project, and wrote this brief introduction to explain to all the intentions behind this service. May this service enable many Dharma friends to add one more significant daily practice!

Since July of 2003 I have been doing virtual cemetery visits via internet, and up to Oct. 21, 2011 the number of virtual cemetery visits I have done reached 4766.

October 21, 2011
El Cerrito, California


Powa over Internet

三身頗瓦 Powa MP3

歷年各月虛擬造訪記錄--->請由此進入 Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.

Links to Cemeteries
(3 cemeteries)
Bispebjerg Kirkegård, Bispebjerg Torv 2, 2400 København, Danmark(Satellite)  
Mosaisk Kirkegård, Guldbergsgade 8, 2200 København, Danmark(Satellite)  
Assistens Kirkegård, Kapelvej 4, 2200 København, Danmark(Satellite)    
(6 cemeteries)
Sunset View Cemetery, 101 Colusa Ave, EL Cerrito, CA 94530, United States(Satellite) 
Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 17475-17479 Bodega Hwy, CA 94922, United States(Satellite) 
Bloomfield Cemetery, 12998 Sutton Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952, United States(Satellite)   
Rolling Hills Memorial Park, 4006 Granada Rd, El Sobrante, CA 94803, United States(Satellite)  
St Mary's Cemetery & Mountain View Cemetery‎,  4529 Howe St, Oakland, CA 94611, United States(Satellite)      
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio, Calle de la Fuente, 28944 Fuenlabrada, España(Satellite)   
Cementerio(墓地), Calle de Júpiter, 18-20, 28042 Madrid, España(Satellite) 
Cementerio del Carmmen, Av de Santander, 96, 47011 Valladolid, España(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Nεκροταφείο, Neapoleos, Agia Paraskevi 15341, Ελλάδα (Satellite)
Nεκροταφείο, Iroon Polytechneiou 72, Zografos 15772, Ελλάδα(photo)
Nεκροταφείο, Dimitriou Karamolegkou, Kaisariani 16122, Ελλάδα(Satellite)
Nεκροταφείο(墓地),  Archiepiskopou Athinon Chrysostomou, Vyronas 16233, Ελλάδα(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Begraafplaats, Kouterweg 1-9, 1790 Affligem, België(Satellite)
Begraafplaats(墓地), Groeneweg 50, 9400 Ninove, België(Satellite)
Commonwealth War Graves, Kerkhofstraat 1-69, 9406 Ninove, België(Satellite)
Begraafplaats Teralfene Affligem, Vogelzangstraat 23, 1790 Affligem, België(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cimetière Parisien de Thiais, Voie d'Isolement du Cimetière Parisien, 94320 Thiais, France(Satellite)
Cimetière Parisien de Bagneux, 15 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 92220 Bagneux, France(Satellite)
Cimetière(墓地), 12 Rue Félix Faure , 320 Rue Lecourbe, 75015 Paris, France(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Begraafplaats Westgaarde, Lutkemeerweg 149, Osdorp, Nederland(Satellite) 
Begraafplaats Te Vraag, Rijnsburgstraat 51, 1059 Amsterdam, Nederland(Satellite)
Israelische  Begraafplaats, Westzanerdijk 306, 1507 Zaandam, Nederland(Satellite)
Begraafplaats Vredenhof, Vredenhofpad 13-16, 1051 Amsterdam, Nederland(Satellite)   
(4 cemeteries)
Cimitero, Via Gramsci, 1-11, 20060 Pessano con Bornago MI, Italia(Satellite)
Cimitero, Via Don Verderio, 5, 20060 Cassina De' Pecchi MI, Italia   
Cimitero, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 20061 Carugate MI, Italia
Cimitero(墓地), Via Roma, 20096 Pioltello MI, Italia 
(3 cemeteries)
Hřbitov, Pod Koňským vrchem 1432/3, 434 01 Most, Česká republika(Satellite)
Hřbitov, Želénská 538/7, 419 01 Duchcov,  Česká republika(Satellite)
Hřbitov(墓地), Mostecká 2, 418 01 Bílina, Česká republika(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Varrezat, Rruga Kisha e Shna Ndout, Laç, Shqipëria(Satellite)
Varrezat Katolikeve, SH 30, Milot, Shqipëria(Satellite1)
Varrezat, SH 30, Milot, Shqipëria(Satellite2)
Varrezat(墳場), E 762, Shqipëria(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Friedhof, A270, 28779 Bremen, Deutschland(Satellite)  
Friedhof(墓地), An der Amtsweide 12C, 28777 Bremen, Deutschland(Satellite)   
Waldfriedhof Blumenthal, Turnerstraße 224, 28779 Bremen, Deutschland(Satellite)   
Friedhof Spadener Höhe, Spadener Straße 144, 27578 Bremerhaven, Deutschland(Satellite) 
Friedhof der St.Petri-Kirchengemeinde, Debstedter Straße 48A, 27607 Langen, Deutschland(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cmentarz, Drzymały, 62-030 Luboń, Polska(Satellite)
Cmentarz, świętego Marcina 9, 62-020 Swarzędz, Polska(Satellite) 
Cmentarz(墓地), Cmentarna, 61-001 Poznań, Polska(Satellite)--->Cmentarz, Cmentarna, 61-001 Poznań, Polska(photo)   
(5 cemeteries)
Cemitério, R. da Igreja 1, 4435 Gondomar, Portugal(Satellite)   
Cemitério, R. das Cavadas 368, 4435 Gondomar, Portugal(Satellite)  
Cemitério, Travessa Escondida 165, 4510 Gondomar, Portugal(Satellite)
Cemitério, R. Soeiro Pereira Gomes 7, 4445 Valongo, Portugal(Satellite)  
Cemitério(墓地), R. Urbanização do Toco 18, 4510 Gondomar, Portugal(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Mill Ln, Horndon on the Hill, Thurrock SS17, United Kingdom    
Saint Mary's Cemetery, 24 Rigby Gardens, Thurrock RM16 4, United Kingdom(Satellite)   
Joyce Green Cemetery, 1 Chaucer Way, Dartford, Kent DA1 5JU, United Kingdom(Satellite)  
Grays Old Cemetery, The Church Hall, West St, Grays, Thurrock RM17 6LL, United Kingdom(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Dasrath St, Guyana(Satellite) 
A cemetery, Enid Vangendren St, Den Amstel, Guyana(Satellite)  
Le Repentir Cemetery, Cemetery Rd, Georgetown, Guyana(Satellite) 
Best Road Cemetery, Cogland St, Vreed en Hoop, Guyana(Satellite)   
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Villla Palmeras, 403-483 Cll Cortijo, San Juan, 00915, Puerto Rico(Satellite)  
A cemetery, Cemetery Rd, Caguas, 00725, Puerto Rico(Satellite)    
A cemetery, PR-21, San Juan, 00927, Puerto Rico(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 121, Limonade, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, 206, Miragoane, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, Route de Tabarre, Port-au--Prince, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, Rue La Source Dommage, Jeremie, Haiti(Satellite)
Hyacynthe Anglade Burial Site, Rue Alexandre, Aquin, Haiti(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio, Pasaje 62, Apopa, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio, Calle Morazan, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio General, Calle Vecinal A Ayutuxtepeque, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite) 
Cementerio Cantonal San Antonio Abad, Calle San Jose, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio, Arriaga - Tapachula, Mapastepec, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)  
Cementerio, Tapachula - Arriaga, Acapetagua, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)   
Cementerio, Vicente Guerrero Sur, San Marcos, Acacoyahua, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)
Cementerio, Chiapas Álvaro Obregón - Mazatán, Puerto Madero, Mexico(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio Municipal, Carretera H, Cabimas, Venezuela(Satellite) 
Cementerio, Calle 11, Los Puertos de Altagracia, Venezuela(Satellite)    
Cementerio Inmaculada Concepción, Av 2 La Cañada, La Concepcion, Venezuela (Satellite)   
Cementerio Chiquinquira, Palmarejo, Parroquia Chiquinquira Palmarejo - La Ensenada, Venezuela(Satellite)   
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Sachaca, Fernandini, Perú(Satellite) 
Cementerio, Oroya, Perú(photo)--->Cementerio, Oroya, Perú(Satellite)
Cementerio Apacheta, Las Penas, José Luis Bustamente y Rivero, Perú(photo)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio(公墓), General Roca 1706, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile(Satellite) 
Cementerio Católico, Recoleta, 1569-1679, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile(photo)
Cementerio de Melipilla, Carampangue, 1155-1185, Melipilla, Región Metropolitana, Chile(Satellite)
Cementerio San Bernardo, Balmaceda, 212-238, San Bernardo, Región Metropolitana, Chile(Satellite)
(6 cemeteries)
Cementerio de Atlántida, Calle 9, Uruguay(Satellite)
Parque Martinelli, Felipe Diaz Ocampo, Colonia Nicolich, Uruguay(Satellite)
Cementerio La Teja, Avenida Luis Batlle Berres, Montevideo, Uruguay(Satellite)
Cementerio Municipal de Las Piedras,Vivian Trias, Las Piedras, Uruguay(photo)
Cementerio Municipal de La Paz & Cementerio Israelita, Cesar Mayo Gutierrez, La Paz, Uruguay(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cemitério Municipal Chora Menino, R. Canto da Serra, 61 - Santana, São Paulo, 02462-084, Brasil(Satellite)  
Cemitério São Judas Tadeu, Penteado, 1465 - Picanço, Guarulhos - São Paulo, 07094-000, Brasil(Satellite)   
Cemitério da Freguesia do Ó, R. José Leonel Vieira, 152 - Freguesia do Ó, São Paulo, 02925-080, Brasil(Satellite)  
Cemitério Vila Paulicéia, R. Gen. Bertoldo Klinger, 872-986 - Paulicéia, São Bernardo do Campo - São Paulo, 09688-100, Brasil(Satellite)  
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio San José de Flores, Balbastro 1600-2602, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio Israelita, Gaceta de Buenos Aires 3302-3400, Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio de San Martin, Cnel. Mom 2302-2400, Villa Lynch, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio de Morón, Luis Pasteur 1500, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Satellite) 
A cemetery, 7, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Satellite) 
A cemetery, Mauritius St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Satellite1)    
A cemetery, Mauritius St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Satellite2)   
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Cross Crescent, Ndola, Zambia(Satellite)
Kalulushi Cemetery, M18, Kalulushi, Zambia(Satellite) 
Chingwele Cemetery, Tambala, Lusaka, Zambia(Sastellite) 
Leopards Hill Memorial Park, Leopards Hill Rd, Lusaka, Zambia(Satellite)  
(4 cemeteries )
 -12.765007,15.717927(Satellite view of Cemitério Municipal do Huambo, Huambo, Angola)
Cemitério de Viana, Estrada Zango/Calumbo, Luanda, Angola(Satellite)  
Cemitério da Missão, R. da Missão, Cabinda, Angola(Satellite) 
Cemitério da Camama, r, Luanda, Angola(Satellite) 
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, N2, Goma, D. R. Congo(Satellite) 
Cimetière d'ltatolo, N2, Brazzaville, D. R. Congo(Satellite) 
Cimetière de la Tsiémé, N2, Brazzaville, D. R. Congo(Satellite)  
Cimetière Tabacongo, Avenue Kanyaka, Lubumbashi, D. R. Congo(Satellite)
Cimetière de Sapin 1 & Cimetière de Sapin 2, Avenue Kimbangu, Lubumbashi, D. R. Congo(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Unnamed Rd, Goma, Rwanda(Satellite) 
Remera Heroes Park, Intwari Rd, Kigali, Rwanda(Satellite) 
Remera Cemetery, Muhabura Ave, Kigali, Rwanda(Satellite) 
Gisenyi Old Cemetery, Avenue de l'Umuganda, Gisenyi, Rwanda(Satellite)    
(5 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 12, Manakara, Madagascar(photo)
A cemetery, 10, Tsiombe, Madagascar(Satellite)
A cemetery, 12, Farafagana, Madagascar(Satellite)
A cemetery, 13, Ambovombe, Madagascar(Satellite) 
A cemetery, R de La Corniche, Taolagnaro, Madagascar(Satellite)
虛擬造訪之記錄 Records of Virtual Cemetery Visits


Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.


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