The Lyric Poems of the Sixth Dalai Lama


Selected, translated, edited, and
Chinese calligraphy by
The Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

When the fortune God smiles at me,
I hoist a fortune-bringing flag.
Then I am invited to the feast,
By a girl with beautiful leg.


The girl of the market place
And I made that "True Love Knot."
I did not try to untie it,
It untied of its own accord.


This month passes away,
The next month does come.
I will visit you in
The light half of the moon.


I have asked many times, for
A couple of Husband and Wife.
Or we will see or meet earlier,
During our childhood in the next life.


You parrot the speaker,
Please hold your skilled tongue.
She is in the willow,
I love my sweet singer!


What people say about me and you
I do admit it to be true.
She and I with my graceful steps
Have been to that house--a nice Stew.


If a man does not think of Death
Even if he is so clever,
He is like a fool in a sense.


In the first place, it is best, if your didn't see;
No chance to fall when you don't know who is she;
In the second place it is best not to love,
Then she will not be forlorn when she misses me!


The oath-bound great Buddha's Protector,
Who lives in the realm of the "Tenth Stage,"
If you have supernatural powers,
Then please kill the enemies of the Sage.


The season of flowers has passed.
And the prepared bee does not moan;
When fate parted me from my love,
Should not be sad as something wrong!


Black seal printed with a stamp,
Does not know how to say.
Please stamp the seal of Faith,
On our hearts, don't keep away.


Though those words written with black ink,
Have been effaced by water drop,
Yet unwritten designs in the mind,
Even erase, never corrupt.


When the cuckoo comes from the County Mon,
Then good season of the soil also comes.
Since I have met my wise and pretty love,
My body and mind have relaxed become.


If the one in whom I have lost heart,
Wanted to go in for the great God,
Neither I, the youth, will remain here,
But go to the cave and pray a lot.


The king of mountains in the middle
Does firmly stand there--does not run.
Sun and moon have no wish to go astray
In their good course of revolving around.


If one's mind is so inclined,
Toward the Sublime Doctrine,
He could with this very body,
Obtain Buddhahood this life in!


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