Italian language translation of Dr Lin's Works posted at this site.

●The Chinese version of Guru Chen's will: Guru Chen's Will in Chinese posted to help people understand facts.

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Authorized websites under Dr. Lin's supervision
The Official website of Yogi C. M. Chen:
Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen's Homepage

The Official website of Dr. Yutang Lin:
For Chinese and English website of Dr. Yutang Lin

There is a Polish website dedicated to the works of Yogi Chen and Dr. Yutang Lin at

In case readers need clarification, please check the English originals of those Polish versions.
2006-12-05 update

Polish translation of some of the works posted in English, including a book on Meditation:
A Golden Ring, and a book on comparison of Buddhism and Christianity:
Crossing the Threshold of Liberation.

Vietnamese translation of some of the works at this site.

Indonesian language translation of Dr. Lin's Keeping a "Record of Impermenance" is available at this site.

To our knowledge, there is also an Indonesian language version of Dr. Lin's "The Buddhist Practice of Chanting Amitabha".

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