A Brief Introduction to the Official Website of Dr. Yutang Lin

The main purpose of this website is to provide services to Buddhists who use Chinese. However, English readers may also visit this website and find Dr. Lin's works in English, known as, "Works from a Study for the Cultivation of Harmony." Since Guru C. M. Chen's works are being posted at www.yogichen.org this website is devoted mainly to posting the Chinese as well as English works of Dr. Yutang Lin, but Guru Chen's works that are related to Dr. Lin's works are also posted here.

Some people asked Dr. Lin, "Please tell us to which one among the Tantric Buddhist schools did Guru C. M. Chen belong?" Dr. Lin replied, "One could say that he had established a school of his own, and he called it 'Adi Buddha Mandala.' My Guru learned teachings from seven Tantric schools, and followed thirty-seven Gurus. He pointed out many misunderstandings in some old Dharma texts. Those texts were transmitted through many hands, and sometimes some teachers with insufficient attainments had expounded Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas' teachings on the ultimate fruit stage as merely teachings on basic meditations. In his works he clarified many confusing sayings."

Guru C. M. Chen (1906-1987) studied under thirty-seven Gurus, and stayed in Xi Kang and Tibet for five years to pursuit Dharma teachings. He was in solitary retreat in India for twenty-five years. He also retreated alone in caves and cemeteries for years and months. In 1972 he moved to USA to spread Dharma. He used to conduct fire pujas, offering of vases to the Dragon King, Powa service to help deceased beings to attain rebirth in Purelands, releasing of lives, Dharma talks, and wrote and printed numerous works in Chinese and English for free distribution, and also printed many Buddha images for free distribution.

"The Complete Works of Guru C. M. Chen" comprises of over one hundred works in English and Chinese of Guru Chen, and its contents range over teachings and practices of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana that were knitted together by his experiences born of lifelong practices and attainments. His teachings provide clear guidance on correct Dharma paths and stages of attainment toward enlightenment. All his works (so far had been edited into forty-eight volumes) will gradually be posted at his official website for interested Buddhists to learn from.

Dr. Yutang Lin is a Chinese American born in Taiwan. He received his Ph. D. in Logic and the Methodology of Science from University of California, Berkeley in 1983. He began to serve and follow Guru Chen in 1980 and remained a faithful attendant until Guru Chen's Nirvana in 1987. After he received his degree from UC a heavenly voice advised him to stay in USA so as to propagate the Dharma more widely in the long run. Continuing Guru Chen's Dharma activities he dedicated his body and mind solely to the practice, service and propagation of Dharma. Following the footsteps of Guru Chen he conducts fire pujas, offering of vases to the Dragon King, Powa service in cemeteries, releasing of lives, and gives Dharma talks upon invitation at various places in USA, Malaysia, and Taiwan. He had printed many Dharma works in Chinese and English that were written by Guru Chen or himself for free distribution. He also printed many holy images and mantra sheets for free distribution. He provides free Powa service to all requests. His works use simple language to clarify the essences of Dharma teachings, and emphasize solid practices.

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Gift Only Yutang Lin

Bodhi works all offered freely to the public,
Lest contamination mars purity of intention.
To wherever requests came from they travel;
Voluntary offer to help spreading will arrive.


Activities related to propagation of the Dharma should be free from calculation of gain and loss. Instead, through completely free giving and offering one strives to maintain the purity of one's progress toward Bodhicitta. The conditions for propagation and circulation also need not be expected; let it grow and mature gradually and naturally. Only with such an open attitude is one acting in accordance with the teaching of no grasping. Even though there may be only few who could appreciate the benefits of the Dharma teachings, the thin threads continue to run on without ending. Continuation of veins of Dharma is just like this and will remain valid through such fashion.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 15, 2002
El Cerrito, California

Pure Offering Yutang Lin

Pure dedication and offerings without expectations
In the long run inspire others and cleanse the mind.
Torrents of muddy stream may be safely traversed,
Thanks to activities that are free from worldly dust.


It is only proper to maintain pure dedication and offering in engaging in Dharma activities. This should apply to distribution and mailing of Buddhist books and images free of charges. In the long run this kind of services would gradually inspire and convert people who have the opportunity to know about it, and help the practitioners to attain higher levels of purity of mind. Amid the ups and downs of worldly situations and encountering this kind of adherence to ideal would become a pillar to support the clarity and tranquility of mind.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 6, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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