The Most Effective Way  

Yutang Lin



A relative of a disciple
Facing all sorts of difficult hindrances
With faith in Dharma
        Wishing to expel the predicaments sooner through Dharma practices
Asked her to ask me on her behalf
        What would be the most effective way that will show results the soonest

The most effective way
Hinges on the greatness of one's intentions
With mind extending to all sentient beings
Practicing Dharma for the ultimate well-being of all beings
Would be in complete accord with Buddhas' minds and vows
Naturally inspirational results would soon be apparent

If mind is self-limited to a tiny sphere
The self-limitation would simply become
        The trinity of causes, courses and consequences of karmic hindrances
If one could not let go of karmic hindrances oneself
Who else could eliminate them for you

As to whichever specific Dharma practice or Dharma Gate
For one with self-limited intentions and interests to engage in
Would always yield only accumulation of drips and bits of merits
Could hardly be expected to pay off karmic debts of all past lives

If Bodhicitta is fully sustained in mind
Aiming at the ultimate enlightenment of all sentient beings
One recitation of a Buddha's epithet
One prostration to a Buddha's presence
Would inspire the outpouring of all blessings from
All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas throughout the Dharmadhatu
How could inspirational results then be not forthcoming
How would supernatural effects then be not apparent

As a proverb goes
        Haste brings no success
In Dharma practices
        Mind expanded yields results sooner

Written in Chinese and translated on December 12, 2011
El Cerrito, California