People of No Business  

Yutang Lin



People dedicated themselves to Dharma practices and activities
As looked at from ordinary people's point of view
Are often regarded as people of no business
Having most time to stay in leisure
No matter what kind of matters
       No harm to ask you to give a helping hand
After all there is nothing that you are supposed to do at once

Even if day and night you are busy
With Dharma practices, with Dharma services, without end
Still they would say
       This does not count as work
       Without occupation, with no position, and even no income
       How could it be counted as work

Renouncing worldly engagements to devote oneself to Dharma
Requires one's continuous efforts to make progresses
Amid the surrounding of such attitudes

Fortunately, since the goal of Dharma practices
Is to become liberated from worldly sorrows
And then eventually attain full enlightenment
       So as to save all suffering beings
A liberated one must be one
       Even among all sorts of worldly matters
       Who still has no worldly business in mind

Hence, when people recognize you as one of no business
Do remind yourself that you have not attained liberation
You still could not sustain having no businesses in mind
And thereby using the epithet that others bestowed on you
To serve as a reminder of the goal that you encourage yourself to achieve

Written in Chinese and translated on December 9, 2011
El Cerrito, California