Renouncing Hand-held Devices 

Yutang Lin



For a modern Buddhist to consider renunciation
It is so much easier just to talk about it
Not to mention that renunciation in deeds has become extremely difficult
Even achieving renunciation in mind is more difficult than in the past

All sorts of hand-held electronic devices, computers
Surely have brought us all sorts of conveniences
And yet contacts and information exchanges among people
That are, from moment to moment, not separated or inseparable
Have rendered the illusive net of worldly affairs to grasp even tighter
Our minds have not even a single peaceful day
And indeed in seconds and minutes matters come and go

Mind could not calm down
All the time in a mess
Then no way to engage in any Dharma practice
And returning to the original face has even become an impossible dream
If one were to at least attempt at renouncing worldly affairs in mind
It is advisable to start with touching less the hand-held devices

Constant uses of hand-held electronic devices
Render one under constant harassment from electromagnetic waves
And causing harmful effects to one's health conditions
Putting down such hand-held devices
Both body and mind will find peace
Isn't it a way to achieve satisfaction for both ends

The world within hand-held devices
Is nothing but chasing after forms that one is attached to
A mind that is independent and at ease
Need to be cultivated through content with peaceful solitude

Buddha teaches us to let go
In our modern time the most practical urgent matter to practice
Is probably the letting go of hand-held devices

Written in Chinese on November 12, 2011
Translated on November 13, 2011
El Cerrito, California