No Pain after Operation


Yutang Lin



Shun De was operated on to insert steel nails,
Operation successful and no pain afterwards,
Eaten grapes in a dream to receive blessings,
Surely Buddha's grace is beyond our thinking.


Disciple Shun De broke his right upper leg, so he was hospitalized and operated on to insert steel nails. The operation was very successful. As soon as the full anesthesia was over he was fully conscious. After this kind of operation some patients remain unconscious for one or two days, and many use morphine to relieve the subsequent pain. Both the surgeon and the nurses said there has never been anyone who has no pain after this kind of operation. And yet, to the surprise of everybody there, Shun De has no pain afterwards. Furthermore, at night in a dream he saw many grapes, mostly red ones, and ate a lot of them. Disciple Xin Ping interpreted the dream for him, saying: "Since our Guru has Bodhicitta, so Buddha and Bodhisattvas granted you grapes that symbolize Bodhicitta as their blessing to help you attain no pain and speedy recovery." Disciple Feng He recognized this inspirational incident as extremely superior and rare, so he asked me to write it down for all to share and realize that Buddha's blessing is truly inconceivable.


Disciple Shun De reminded us that this was not the first time, but the second time, when he experienced pain relief through Buddha's blessing. A few years ago he was suffering from severe pain due to gall bladder stones. Although he took strong medication for pain relief, it was still very painful. Then he came to my house to pay respect to Buddha, and as soon as he entered the shrine room, the pain was gone, and gone for good. So I added this amendment to let people know that Buddha's blessing is truly effective, and can be repeated, instead of being just a matter of random luck.


Written in Chinese and translated on November 4, 2011
Amended on November 7, 2011
El Cerrito, California