Not Taking It Seriously


Yutang Lin



As matters turn more serious
All parties involved become tenser in mental antagonism and entanglement
Especially when people are under long periods of tension
They could not have clarity of mind to handle things rationally
But just act out of ignorance and natural impulses in response

Dharma practices aim at liberation from worldly entanglements
As worldly matters arise, how could one escape from their grip
Even though to respond is unavoidable
To attain liberation it is a must to have clarity of mind first
Only then could one make wise choices
And carry out steps toward emancipation
Hence as matters arise one need to learn "not to take it seriously"

Looking at life from long distance and time
Ups and downs, turns and windings
Aren't they all transient and elusive
Now what seems so extraordinarily serious a matter
Later would seem not so much a big deal after all
Not taking it seriously
       Is neither to imitate a ostrich
       Nor be so naïve as to know nothing about the world
It is only to comprehend that, in an open eye of mind
All things are minute and tiny in the boundless Dharmadhatu
And hence one could remain in a mind of clarity
To carry out responses that has taken all sides into care and consideration
And aiming at sustaining the whole situation for all

First one needs to be able to not taking it seriously
Only then can one deal with it properly as a matter serious


Written in Chinese and translated on September 30, 2011
El Cerrito, California