Sufficient Amount


Yutang Lin



Taking food and drink to certain amount, and only then will one feel satisfied
Heating water to certain temperature, and only then will it boil
Exercising to a certain stage, and only then will one sweat
Daily exercises need to maintain a certain amount for the body to feel light and healthy
Dharma practices need to be internalized for some spiritual results to become apparent

To what degree, amount and when will it become sufficient
Takes personal efforts and groping to gradually find out
To reach certain maturity, results and effects
Indispensable is one's continuous endeavors

Sustenance of personal health and well-being
Elevation of one's spiritual levels
And engaging in Dharma practices and services with a compassionate attitude
All need be accomplished with comprehension of the meaning of "sufficient amount"
Do not use small attempts as justification for complacency
Fully devoted in your endeavors, and continuously accumulate your efforts
Only then will you be able to really reach the effects of sufficient amount
And render all your efforts and sacrifices genuinely worthwhile

Written in Chinese and translated on September 25, 2011
El Cerrito, California