Screen Window


Yutang Lin



Looking out at the world through a screen window
Even though not clearly but quite close to the real thing
When used to this
One forgets that it is still a thin layer away

People outside the screen window
Uttering all sorts of persuasions
Trying to convince the one behind the screen
To remove it in order to see the reality as it is
Nevertheless, whatever said could not penetrate
Because the screen window is always there
And the established view is deeply rooted

An individual's own screen window
Others have no right to remove it instead
It awaits voluntary removal by the owner
While others' persuasions based on good intentions
Will naturally cease after two or three attempts

Each one's personal views
Constitute screen window for the mind's eyes
Buddha Dharma teaches the sight without views
But it awaits your voluntary escape from views
Cease all views to merge into the state
Of originally no views

Written in Chinese and translated on August 22, 2011
El Cerrito, California