Starting with Benefiting Others


Yutang Lin



When the mind is incessantly complaining based on comparisons
Constantly thinking of one's position, gains and losses
And couldn't forget how others treated one in this or that way
Still can realize and awake to the fact that
Thus is simply cycling within the small circle of one's self
People like this are very few indeed
Not to mention to be able to
Raise up mind's eyes
To look at the panorama of the open and wide world
And review all kinds of situations of sentient beings

One who practices Buddha Dharma would want
To carry out the teachings on selflessness
Should first let the mind escape from the cage of "self"
And the guideline for easiest way to take the first step
Rests in keeping the mental attitude wishing to benefit others

Sincerely not forgetting to benefit others
As matters arise first think of how to benefit others
Only then will the old habit of constantly thinking of oneself
Have a momentary pause and temporary rest
Mind's eyes will then be able to raise up
Mind's views will then be able to open up
Wait till one is used to seeing open sky and expansive ocean
        Hills and mountains, rivers and streams, the great earth
Only then will one be no longer confined by the tiny "self" cell

If one could practice in daily life
However others treat one is all fine
That would also be a nice remedy
For diminishing grasping to self

Written in Chinese and translated on August 21, 2011
El Cerrito, California