To Go Beyond


Yutang Lin



Usually people are used to minding their own business
Incessantly worried over all matters related to themselves
Therefore the fundamental threshold for a Dharma practitioner
Is to go beyond the sphere and boundaries of personal "self"

Standing firm and fast on this shore of one's "self"
Couldn't leave it
Nor could one walk beyond it
Even though it is clearly taught in the Sutras
Go beyond   Go beyond   Go beyond this shore
Dharma followers still find it difficult to
Have faith, embrace the teaching, and act accordingly
So as to walk steadily and with determination
Toward the other shore of selflessness

As a Dharma practitioner reflects on one's
Behaviors, speech and intentions in daily life
As soon as one recognizes that one is still
Chasing around in the old circle of one's "self"
One should immediately go beyond it
By turning one's thoughts to the great Bodhi mind
That concerns the enlightenment of all sentient beings
Do not let this life pass in vain within the tiny circle of one's "self"
And cause "pursuing enlightenment" to deteriorate into empty slogan
Thereby adding remorse and regrets to one's conscience

Written in Chinese and translated on August 16, 2011
El Cerrito, California