Yutang Lin



Don't just keep blaming others for how they treated you
If you could reflect carefully with an even mind
You would realize that
Actually you are also treating others in like fashion
All are
Holding on to personal views, and
Carrying on in self-righteous ways

Embrace everything
Forgive everything
Because all are simply consequences of evolution of causal conditions
Put everything out of your concern
And then in such an open, broad and free mind-set
Try to expand whole-hearted well-wishing of compassion
To each and every sentient being that you have ever
Met, seen or heard of
And then wish further that
All sentient beings that you have not had the opportunity to
Meet, see or hear of
Will also receive the same well-wishing
Because the whole Dharmadhatu is in limitless oneness

Before one begins a Dharma practice
One could adjust one's mentality through the above process

Written in Chinese and translated on July 30, 2011
El Cerrito, California