Yutang Lin



Uttering thorny expressions
       Would irritate listeners
       And thereby could stir up conflicts
Behaviors or approaches that is offensive
       Came from partial emphasis on one-sided preferences
       Without considerations for all the rest involved
       Often would yield grudge
       And plant seeds of future hindrance

All these kinds of speech or actions
       Even though it was only outburst out of temporary discontent or eagerness
       Are still expression of self-righteousness, arrogance and
Losing sight of the whole picture and long-term consequences

In practicing selflessness a Dharma practitioner should
Constantly remain humble and free from preset notions
       Face all eventualities with tolerance, acceptance and
       Embrace all matters with compassionate patience
And keep in mind the grand career of helping all beings to enlightenment
Without losing sight of the panorama of all beings in past, present and future
And hence
As soon as one realizes that one has made thorny remarks or offensive actions
One should repent earnestly and seek other party's forgiveness
Whenever thorny criticisms or contemptuous behaviors received from others
A practitioner should accept them silently without retort
       And avoid adding further complications
Practicing in such a manner would be closer to the enlightening path
And avoid falling again into karmic cycling born of personal ignorance

Written in Chinese on July 29, 2011
Translated on July 30, 2011
El Cerrito, California