Planting Bodhi Seed


Yutang Lin



Some said that only through taking Vajrayana Refuge
Could one receive the spiritual planting of Bodhi Seed
For substantial growth toward the enlightenment fruit

As a matter of spiritual reality, whether or not
One will receive the implanting of Bodhi Seed
Does not rest on superficial distinctions such as
           Which yana and which school
           What kind of ritual and to what extent observed
Rather it mainly rests on
Whether the conductor had sufficient Bodhi intentions and deeds
And whether the recipient was sincere and faithful in receiving it

Ordinarily people who take refuges
Could hardly cultivate Bodhi intentions and activities
All because of the abundance of worldly considerations in mind
It is similar to, at a place overgrown with weeds
Sprouts of fruitful seeds will have no chance to show up

If one is genuinely dedicated to Dharma practices
Then one should not mind this and mind that
Simply put efforts into clearing weeds on the mind field
One's mind field can only be managed by oneself
Don't blame others
Nor expect miracles of harvest without toils first

Written in Chinese and translated on April 29, 2011
El Cerrito, California