Seeing through


Yutang Lin



Dharma intends to teach people to comprehend phenomena as they are
So as to help them escape from entanglement in the net of deluded graspings
And hence the so called "seeing through" as often found in teachings
Does not mean to force certain view points
Onto all phenomena observed
Rather, it simply means
Mind's eye clear and penetrating
Capable of seeing through delusions and biased graspings
In one's own mind as well as in others'
And hence no longer confined therein
But able to resume a free state of mind that is originally and naturally so

So as to see through earlier, and hence regain ease and joy earlier
First recognize clearly that all things are impermanent
And incessantly evolving and changing
Furthermore, all evolutions in worldly matters
Are tied to causal conditions and led by them
But could not be determined by our intentions
Thus comprehended
And hence become capable of accepting unavoidable changes peacefully
One would then see through easily
And then have some leisure to experience tranquility in life

Written in Chinese and translated on April 6, 2011
El Cerrito, California