Couldn't Pass


Yutang Lin



Everything is incessantly passing through
But people's minds always keep something that couldn't pass

Something among human relationships couldn't pass
Resulting in favors, grudges, emotional ties or animosity
Views, preferences, or desires couldn't pass
Mental Ocean is up and down with waves and tides

Something to do with others couldn't pass
Mutually would find it difficult
In the end it is still nothing but naught
Why bother to be so

Something in mind couldn't pass
And yet couldn't help that all are incessantly passing
What then could one do

Seeing clearly thus
Let whatever couldn't pass follow its actual course
To pass through incessantly
Only then can a mind of clarity be enjoyed
To taste a bit of leisure that is rare in life

Written in Chinese and translated on April 2, 2011
El Cerrito, California