Fragilely in Danger


Yutang Lin



Emotional knots, be they of love or hatred
Often are difficult to yield and hard to disentangle
Only due to self-enclosure in a mental jail
In oblivion of human lives' being fragilely in danger

Worldly affairs evolve all of a sudden
Safe or dangerous, smooth or hindered, are mixed in occurrences
If it were comprehended that all are like lighted candles in wind
How could we still continue to fight against one another

To arrive at having left suffering and found security
It is a must to escape from the fundamental deluded grasping
Advancing on the enlightenment path is not easy
Only pray that all will help one another on this

Even thus awakening is still a difficult matter
Supplicating to Buddhas for merciful blessings
May ignorant beginners soon attain gradual awakening
And sufferings in transmigration could be dissipated

Written in Chinese and translated on March 31, 2011
El Cerrito, California