Forgiving through Being Considerate


Yutang Lin



Relationships among human beings
Usually are based on disputing attitudes
In other words
Based on all sorts of views and theories
To criticize and complain one another
Seldom are there common grounds for discussion
Each advocating a certain view
       And act on self-righteousness
Resulting in endless sequences of
Mutual fault-findings

For a Dharma practitioner
To practice no grasping to the idea of a self,
       Nor that of others
First one should cease thoughts of this sort
       Of endless disputing in mind
And then stand in others shoes
       To empathize why each side has
       Its ways of thinking and actions
Only thus will one appreciate the limited situations
       And inherent helplessness of sentient beings
One by one, all are prejudicially inclined and
       Acting in oblivion of the whole picture
Lacking wisdom, and hence
       Could not open up to mutual cooperation
       So that all could live at ease

Through this kind of practices
One would then empathize all
And switch to praying equally for all beings
       For their sooner enlightenment
So that all may share the joy of peace and tranquility


Written in Chinese and translated on March 18, 2011
El Cerrito, California