Representing the Significance of Dharma


Yutang Lin



Whatever we do
No matter how expansive and grandeur
From the point of view of infinity
Are excessively trivial, not worthy of mentioning

Since it is so
What Dharma refers to are all endless and limitless
Our so-called "Dharma practices"
Aren't they all jokes that do not even touch the real thing

That is not the case
Why is it so
Arguing from the point of view that grasps to forms
All Dharma activities are finite by nature
And hence could not be expected to reach
Fruits of Buddhahood that is boundless
One could even say that
It is beyond reach by far more than thousands of miles

However, if one could be free from grasping to forms
And uses all sorts of finite Dharma activities
To represent the significance of Dharma
In other words, to express activities born of boundless sphere
Then one will not only be unconfined by finite formalities
But also, through transcendence beyond quality and quantity
Employ tiny formality to carry out Buddhas' boundless salvation

If one could comprehend fully the meaning of this
"Representing the significance of Dharma"
Then one will no longer be limited and tangled by formality
But instead one will be able to use this life
       Which is as brief as lightning or spark of fire
To merge into oneness with the Dharmadhatu
And carry out all boundless Bodhi vows and activities of all Buddhas


Written in Chinese and translated on March 15, 2011
El Cerrito, California