Established Views

Dr. Yutang Lin


Having established views in mind

As matters arise it becomes easy to get stuck

Difficult to move around and find ways out

One becomes antagonistic to others

While one finds oneself unease


Having habitual tendencies in body

As situations arise so are one's propensities

Desires and inclinations are hard to let go

Matters tend to go against one's wishes

Even if one could see one's shortcomings

Nevertheless it is only futile to try to escape


The teaching of Dharma on selflessness

Points directly to the original state of no views

        That is in harmonious oneness of all

Renouncing views and unlearning habitual tendencies

Could be gradually achieved through

Engaging devotedly in Dharma practices and activities


Amid waves of all sorts of established views in human sphere

Abiding in the original purity that is free from all views

One might then be able to traverse this life in peace



Written in Chinese and translated on March 7, 2011

El Cerrito , California


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