Wisdom of Tara

Yutang Lin


Born of Guan Yin's compassionate tears

Tara is the Essence of Compassion

Buddhist attainment should be the harmonious union

Of Wisdom and Compassion in oneness

Where, then, is Wisdom of Tara to be found


In order to liberate sentient beings from

All sorts of suffering and hardship

Appearing according to situations of need

        There are twenty-one Taras

From natural calamities, man-caused catastrophes

To physical and mental karmic hindrances

        Nothing is left unattended and none unprotected

And even help accumulate merits and cultivate wisdom

In the innumerable skillful ways of salvation activities

        Born of boundless and endless Compassion

Lie apparent displays of concrete applications of Wisdom of Sunyata


Some Sutra says

        Skillful means are ultimate

Because expansion and operation of boundless skillful means for salvation

Is the ultimate career of ultimate attainment of Full Enlightenment


While a Dharma practitioner is repeating Tara's mantra

From thought to thought

It should be well comprehended that in this

Lies the ultimate harmonious union of Wisdom and Compassion



Written in Chinese and translated on February 18, 2011

El Cerrito, California